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Red Bull Barnstorming: World-first feat of aerobatics.

What do you need for a seriously cool video?

Well, if you’re Redbull, you call upon the skills of Matadors Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones, grab a couple of aeroplanes…then all you need to do is source a suitable barn…

It’s a good job these pilots (/adrenaline junkies) calculated their flight carefully, as they skimmed the ground at high speed, one alongside the other…oh and then flew though a building.

Wingman Jones remarked: “I can’t think of anything I’ve done in the past that was quite as risky as this.”

Sure – just a bit risky – like trying to parallel park in a narrow street right? We can all empathise.

However insane these guys may appear, their awe-inspiring performance also greatly exhibits precision, preparation and mental toughness.

No doubt, the art of aerobatics has taken off!

Video (c) Redbull


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