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Father’s Day is here! With only 2 days until Father’s Day, companies are pulling out all the stops to cash in on this National Day with everything from touching adverts to witty billboards. In this Stunt of the Day ‘Father’s Day Special’ we take a look at some of the best stunts out there.


Dove is known for its feel-good adverts and this Father’s Day is no different. Their new #RealStrength video stars men being told (by being given various gifts), that they are going to be fathers. The real-life footage of their reactions it is so heart-warming it will no doubt leave you with a huge grin on your face.


WARNING: The following advert from Angel Soft is a tear-jerker! Yes, the toilet paper company has released a very emotional tribute for Father’s day, but with an unexpected twist.

It acknowledges single mothers and and their struggle to be both a mother and father figure. Naturally, this created some controversy amongst dads, but according to Huffington Post, “reps for Angel Soft say they meant no disrespect by only acknowledging single and divorced mothers on Father’s Day”.

In fact, this is supposedly the first in a series of “unique stories”.


Toyota also joins our list of heartfelt TV spots with their new advert; “Loving Eye”.

It shows the same story from the respective points of view of father and daughter, culminating in a short clip of their “Toyota collision alarm system” saving the father, daughter and grand-daughter from rear-ending another car.


 Videos  (c) Dove / Angel Soft / Toyota


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