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Missing Type campaign encourages Brits to give blood.

With the UK seeing 40% fewer new donors, UK blood banks are actively looking for volunteers to bridge the shortfall. In aid of this, NHS Blood and Transplant have partnered up with various brands, media and celebrities to promote blood donation during National Blood Week (8-14 June).


The campaign ‘Missing Type’, devised by ad agency Engine, aims to attract 204,000 new donors, highlighting the blood types needed – A, B, O – by removing these letters from famous signs, street names and brands.


The Waterstones sign at their Trafalgar Square store will appear as W TERST NES, whilst the Leicester Square Odeon will appear as DE N. A partnership between Trinity Mirror and the organisation also means that Daily Mail and their regional titles will lose the letters on their papers.


Click here to register to become a blood donor! National Blood Week runs from 8-14 June.

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