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Finnish Emojis.

Emojis. The go-to medium by which modern society can portray emotion without ever using a facial muscle. Easy, fun, efficient.

Smiley face. 100. See no evil monkey.

But what happens if you’re trying to say something and none of the classic emojis in your extensive library sufficiently shows what you’re trying to say. Unable to express yourself in what is quickly becoming this generation’s first language – panic.

This has been happening with much more regularity; how are we supposed to effectively communicate when we want to spend the weekend in a sauna with someone without the appropriate tools to do so? Thankfully, Finland was listening.

Finland, famous for lakes, heavy metal and having the most saunas per capita in the world (thanks Buzzfeed!), has taken the world by storm by releasing a series of “Finnish” emojis to, and we quote, “help promote the country’s image abroad.”

And when these emojis become available to the rest of the world, our emoji vocabulary, ’emojicabulary’ if you will, will finally be complete.


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