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The Man with the Golden Typewriter.

The story of James Bond is one that has captivated the world for years. The international spy, renowned ladies man and connoisseur of the classic Martini has wowed audiences and set pulses racing in a body of work that has spanned countries, actors and generations. Behind it all, though, remains one man; Ian Fleming.

Audible- Julian Rhind-Tutt (2)

The acclaimed author’s work has inspired millions and today Audible, the audiobook company, have released The Man with the Golden Typewriter; a fascinating look behind the scenes of the great man’s life, as told by him.

This audiobook, narrated by Julian Rhind-Tutt (Green Wing, Black Books, The Devil You Know), is a detailed collection of letters written from Fleming’s famous golden typewriter to all manner of people. From fans to his wife, critics to publishers these letters chronicle the development of the 007 story in a fascinating, often funny, but always human way.

This book is available for free when you sign up to Audible UK. 


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