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Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds and Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day is a tricky minefield to navigate for many. Whether you’re single, in a fledgling relationship or have been happily married for years, the challenge that Valentine’s Day offers is never an easy one to solve.

Do you book an expensive, romantic restaurant? Stay in and cook, with your place laced with rose petals? What about a romantic film in the cinema?

Releasing a new film around Valentine’s day carries certain expectations, expectations that the 18 Rated ‘Deadpool’ are guaranteed not to meet. Ryan Reynolds, the film’s star, has started a one man crusade to rebrand ‘Deadpool’ for the Valentine’s audience.

The film, a violent, superhero romp (in all senses of the word), has received a Valentine’s makeover in its campaign, with Reynolds posting a slew of romantic images to help trick girlfriends and boyfriends into seeing the film around the world.

You can see the rest of the spoof images on Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram.

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