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This Morning’s Hangover.

We’ve all done it. We know we’ve got work the next day but we can’t resist that one extra pint before we leave the pub. We regret it, obviously, as we wake up the next morning with a thumping headache and trudging to work before being greeted by sneering co-workers and offensively bright lights.

“I’m never drinking again.”

We might be able to hide behind our computers and avoid eye contact until we start to feel a little more human, but if you’re the host of a live morning national television show it’s a little more difficult.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, co hosts of This Morning on ITV, were clearly worse for wear after their (much deserved) win at the National Television Awards the night before. Wearing the same clothes as they were at the NTAs, the two giggled, slurred and struggled through the morning show – but it was much to the delight of the millions watching.

In addition to the huge television numbers the pair’s hangover would go on to make every national newspaper and generate a huge amount of noise on social media.


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