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Cocaine trivia while you tinkle: Netflix installs new guerrilla sticker campaign for Season 3 of “Narcos” in toilets across America

Posted on September 13th, 2017 in App PR,brand PR,Consumer PR,creative publicity,Drama PR,Experiential Marketing,PR Stunt,Stunt Of The Day,Television PR.

Club restrooms are usually a sight to behold, and not normally a pleasant one at that. Most run out of toilet paper before midnight, half of the doors always seem to be missing locks and depending on where you go there may or may not be a suspicious dusting of white residue on the surfaces. Well in certain clubs and bars across L.A, Miami, Chicago and New York those sprinklings might not be what you think.

In some brilliant guerrilla marketing for the returning third Season of the critically acclaimed original show Narcos, Netflix have been placing stickers in the bathrooms of establishments across America drawing reference to the major impact made by the Cali Cartel on the cocaine trade during the 1990’s club scene. With the previous two seasons focusing on the notorious Pablo Escobar, the third sees the Cali Cartel take centre stage as the new big bad for the police working on putting a stop to the escalating drug issues.

All three seasons of Narcos are now available to binge on the streaming service. Enjoy!

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Sat-mad Brits are on the road to ruin

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Brits are becoming less street-smart as new research reveals we spend over a whole day (29 hours) each year travelling either the long way or the wrong way to our destinations after relaying on electronic guides.

The study, specially commissioned by the new black cab app; mytaxi quizzed 2000 British drivers about their reliance on the gadgets which are now used by three-quarters (76%) of domestic motorists. Worryingly over half of Brits (52%) surveyed admitted they completely ‘switch off’ once the sat nav is leading the way and give little attention to road signs and landmarks.

Further findings reveal that Brits now find it almost impossible to escape the technology even when they aren’t driving – indeed, 83% of those surveyed regularly experience the use of sat navs when travelling as a passenger in a minicab.

The black cab app mytaxi have today release a hidden-camera prank video to highlight over reliance on sat nav devices.

A minicab was rigged with micro-cameras in an experiment to see how far Londoners would be prepared to travel with a sat nav obsessed driver.

In the video tempers of passengers reached boiling point as the driver stubbornly followed the satnav despite their protestations.

Since going live on mytaxi’s social media channels, the video has racked up a massive 500k views

Andy Jones, General Manager, UK, at mytaxi, said: “Sat nav technology is undoubtedly a huge help to many people but it is certainly not flawless and the results can be both frustrating and comical, as evidenced by the number of misadventures seen in the film. We are proud to say that all mytaxi drivers have spent three years studying for the Knowledge memorising over 25,000 streets and 20,000 landmarks. There really is no substitute to real local knowledge when it comes to navigating through traffic and finding the quickest routes to a destination.”

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Airbnb offers customers greener experiences with the help of Pantone

Posted on January 26th, 2017 in App PR,brand PR,Consumer PR,PR Stunt,Stunt Of The Day,Tourism PR,Travel PR.

Airbnb have collaborated with Pantone to offer it’s users a chance to experience nature within the comfort of a city home. Between the 27th-30th January, Airbnb users will be able to book an overnight stay and utilise the homestay network’s latest offering: an East London warehouse which has been transformed into a space for wellness and relaxation. The space is covered in flora and fauna that lets customers participate in selected ‘Experiences’. These experiences have been specifically chosen to showcase and promote Airbnb’s latest service, ‘Trips’.pantone-1

Trips, which was launched last November, is the new concept from Airbnb in which they hope to build upon their current success of renting accommodation by offering customers a more evolved service which provides Experiences (specifically chosen activities, chosen specifically for that city), guides, logistical and sightseeing advice, as well as homes to rent.


The property in East London is the first of it’s kind. Aptly named ‘The Outside in House’, the property is inspired by colour makers, Pantone’s Colour Of The Year for 2017, Greenery. The space features an entrance hall covered in woodland, a botanical greenhouse kitchen-diner and a bedroom lined with plants and a lawn. The house really does bring the outside… well, inside! Have no fear however, guests are still promised a comfortable stay as the downstairs room of the warehouse has been transformed into a green-themed bedroom, complete with an en-suite.


The ‘Outside In’ experience encourages customers to sample London Experiences available on the Airbnb app. Visitors will be able to participate in Experiences such as a terrarium workshop, the Body Engineered exercise classes  (fitness and yoga sessions), a wallpaper painting masterclass, as well as learning how to make green gin and create their own botanical garden. They will also be able to forage the warehouse walls for vegetables and herbs, drink tea with leaves picked from a hydroponics installation, choose plants to make terrarium vases with and pick leaves to design prints with. One can really get in touch with nature in this space.

James McClure, Airbnb’s general manager of northern Europe said: What’s new for Airbnb at the moment is Trips, with Experiences being a key part of that.

These activities that are crafted by knowledgeable insiders are in 12 cities at the moment and we’ll be growing that to 51 this year.

We’re really excited about how this can help move the belonging that people have in the homes into getting out and experiencing the things that they love in a city they’re not familiar with.”

Laurie Pressman, Vice-President of Pantone, said: “For Pantone, this was about bringing an experience to life, and who better to partner with than Airbnb to be able to immerse somebody and share with them what colour is all about.

We see colour, but you can also smell colour, you can taste colour, and you can feel and live colour – greenery was such a perfect colour to do that with, as people look for more ways to disconnect, to replenish and liberate.”

– @apparentlyimkj

L’Oreal lead the way with smart hairbrush

Posted on January 4th, 2017 in App PR,Consumer Electronics PR,Consumer PR,Digital PR,Stunt Of The Day,Technology PR.

From Apps which allow you to control what happens at your house when you’re not there, an i-kettle and a talking smoke detector – we could go on and on. Technology hasn’t ever been this smart! L’Oreal is about to add to that list of crazy cool inventions.

Let’s talk about hair. How much love do you give your hair? Are you normally in a hurry when brushing your hair? Do you brush your hair on the train to work or at the train station? Do you sometimes brush too hard? L’Oreal’s new smart hairbrush, the Hair Coach, is perfect for you; the app connected brush is the perfect hair mentor.

The brush is battery-powered with disposable batteries so has no charging port. The brush is equipped with five sensors: an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a conductivity sensor, load cells and a microphone. How fantastic!The brush listens to all of your brushing patterns and vibrates when you brush too hard and will send alerts about dryness, frizziness or split ends. L’oreal really has created the fairy Godmother of brushes.


However this brush isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, and will inform you when you have unruly or fragile hair and then recommend life-changing hair products (L’Oreal’s own, naturally) however you can always find cheaper products.


It also uses an array of sensors and an app to coach users into brushing their hair more efficiently. Very high tech! The smartphone app can also tell you how healthy your hair is; L’Oreal’s research shows, the way hair sounds as a brush moves through it changes based on how dry the hair is. The device even gives you personalised tips and promises to improve the overall hair care experience.

The luxury brush can connect to Bluetooth or WiFi, and has been developed over the last 18 months as a partnership between its brand Kerastase and Withings, which is owned by former smartphone maker Nokia. The device is water resistant but not fully waterproof so be careful.

The miracle brush will be priced at £160. Yes it is quite expensive, however tech analyst Caroline Milanesi of Creative Strategies says “I am sure there are people who care about their hair quality that much – if you think that a good hair straightener costs around $90, $200 does not seem that bad,” which is sort of true! We do spend a large amount on our hair. Interested? The brush will be available to buy later on this year.

– @NaomiYazminn

Uber round off 2016 with a personalised years worth of journeys for users in Asia

Posted on December 16th, 2016 in App PR,brand PR,Digital PR,Online PR,Stunt Of The Day,Technology PR,Travel PR.

Thanks to Uber’s latest campaign, users in selected cities across Asia are able to log in to for a personalised video experience which includes statistics such as total distance travelled, the top local destinations, international cities visited and the environmental impact of Uber Pool.


Eshan Ponnadurai, director of brand and strategy, APAC at Uber, said: “With this campaign, we wanted to thank all our riders for a great year and show how we’ve journeyed together with them throughout their lives in 2016. In as much as riders and drivers have journeyed with Uber, we have also journeyed with them; making our platform better with every trip. Together, we are changing the way the world moves across our cities.”

The campaign is currently live in Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. Users are able to view city stories as well as their own video, which is available to share via Facebook. As expected, the video is designed to fit well with the Uber app, which uses line drawings of landscapes and cityscapes, a monochromatic and cool-hued palette, and the iconic Uber “bit” to show movement.

A pretty niche way of rounding off 2016 from Uber!