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L’Oreal lead the way with smart hairbrush.

From Apps which allow you to control what happens at your house when you’re not there, an i-kettle and a talking smoke detector – we could go on and on. Technology hasn’t ever been this smart! L’Oreal is about to add to that list of crazy cool inventions.

Let’s talk about hair. How much love do you give your hair? Are you normally in a hurry when brushing your hair? Do you brush your hair on the train to work or at the train station? Do you sometimes brush too hard? L’Oreal’s new smart hairbrush, the Hair Coach, is perfect for you; the app connected brush is the perfect hair mentor.

The brush is battery-powered with disposable batteries so has no charging port. The brush is equipped with five sensors: an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a conductivity sensor, load cells and a microphone. How fantastic!The brush listens to all of your brushing patterns and vibrates when you brush too hard and will send alerts about dryness, frizziness or split ends. L’oreal really has created the fairy Godmother of brushes.


However this brush isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, and will inform you when you have unruly or fragile hair and then recommend life-changing hair products (L’Oreal’s own, naturally) however you can always find cheaper products.


It also uses an array of sensors and an app to coach users into brushing their hair more efficiently. Very high tech! The smartphone app can also tell you how healthy your hair is; L’Oreal’s research shows, the way hair sounds as a brush moves through it changes based on how dry the hair is. The device even gives you personalised tips and promises to improve the overall hair care experience.

The luxury brush can connect to Bluetooth or WiFi, and has been developed over the last 18 months as a partnership between its brand Kerastase and Withings, which is owned by former smartphone maker Nokia. The device is water resistant but not fully waterproof so be careful.

The miracle brush will be priced at £160. Yes it is quite expensive, however tech analyst Caroline Milanesi of Creative Strategies says “I am sure there are people who care about their hair quality that much – if you think that a good hair straightener costs around $90, $200 does not seem that bad,” which is sort of true! We do spend a large amount on our hair. Interested? The brush will be available to buy later on this year.

– @NaomiYazminn


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