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Uber round off 2016 with a personalised years worth of journeys for users in Asia.

Thanks to Uber’s latest campaign, users in selected cities across Asia are able to log in to for a personalised video experience which includes statistics such as total distance travelled, the top local destinations, international cities visited and the environmental impact of Uber Pool.


Eshan Ponnadurai, director of brand and strategy, APAC at Uber, said: “With this campaign, we wanted to thank all our riders for a great year and show how we’ve journeyed together with them throughout their lives in 2016. In as much as riders and drivers have journeyed with Uber, we have also journeyed with them; making our platform better with every trip. Together, we are changing the way the world moves across our cities.”

The campaign is currently live in Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. Users are able to view city stories as well as their own video, which is available to share via Facebook. As expected, the video is designed to fit well with the Uber app, which uses line drawings of landscapes and cityscapes, a monochromatic and cool-hued palette, and the iconic Uber “bit” to show movement.

A pretty niche way of rounding off 2016 from Uber!



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