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Would you trust a bridge made entirely of paper?.

Lakes Culture has teamed up with artist Steve Messam to create a bridge made entirely of paper using no glue, bolts or fixings.

bridge 3

According to the MailOnline, ‘PaperBridge is a temporary piece of artwork located over a beck at the top of the Grisedale Valley, under the shadow of Helvellyn, Cumbria.’


Making up part of Lakes Culture’s “Lakes Ignite 2015” programme, the bridge took 3 years to develop and uses authentic architectural principles as seen in the dry stone walls and original packhorse bridges that populate the Lake District.

bridge 2

Made from 22,000 sheets of paper, the bright red bridge weighs 4.5 tonnes, is 5 metres long, and open to curious (or brave) members of the public until May 18.

bridge 4

The only question now is – are you daring enough to cross it?

Images (c) MailOnline


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