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Greggs launches the Bacon Sandwich scented candle.

‘Who doesn’t love the smell of bacon in the morning – and now you can have it without going to the bother of actually whipping up a fried breakfast’ – reports The Mirror.

Greggs have unveiled a scented candle which brings the delicious whiff of bacon as you light it.


The fragrance stunt has shocked and amused people on Twitter – while it has went down a treat with some, others say that it goes against Kosher rules for Jewish people.

The move comes after a Kentucky Fried Chicken scented candle was released to bring the smell of Colonel Sanders’ fare into your home.


Last year Burger King launched a burger-scented cologne in Japan.

The cologne supposedly imitated the signature aroma of the Whopper Burger, which consists of flame-grilled beef, freshly sliced onions, lettuce and mayonnaise.



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