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‘Approaching Platform 2 is the 07:47 service to London WINTERLOO’: South West Trains spread Christmas cheer by changing names for the festive season.

Commuters received a surprise this week as they arrived at their stations to find their journey destinations distinctly merrier, thanks to South West Trains.


Journeyers found themselves en route to more festive destinations than usual, with London Winterloo (London Waterloo) , Eggnogham (Egham) and Raynesdeer Park (Raynes Park) receiving particular kudos from the public.

Other favourites include:

  • Raynesdeer Park (Raynes Park)
  • Twinkleham (Twickenham)
  • Sleighmouth (Weymouth)
  • Wo three Kings (Woking)
  • Yule West (Ewell West)
  • Tinselbury (Tisbury)
  • Bracknoel (Bracknell)
  • Deck the Vauxhall (Vauxhall)
  • Snowymeads (Sunnymeads)
  • Salisberries (Salisbury)
  • Snowhampton Central (Southampton Central)
  • Basingstockings (Basingstoke)
  • New Mald-wine (New Malden)
  • Three Kingston (Kingston)
  • Clapham Jingle Bells (Clapham Junction)

The company unveiled their name changes on Saturday, tweeting “A week today its Christmas Eve! This means one thing.. its time to unveil the #SWTChristmas station names!”

 A nice bit of festive cheer for this time of year, particularly given the recent train-related upheaval caused by the Southern strike – ’tis the season to be jolly indeed!

– @katiemallion


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