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The world’s first zero gravity music festival: organised by Desperados.

Tequila as a spirit has long be synonymous with dancing on tables, daring shots with friends, a release of inhibitions and much is known on the effects that alcohol in general has on the body. However that is not enough for Desperado’s who have teamed up with We Are Pi to go the extra mile or in this case miles to deliver a whole new experience for some of its connoisseurs.

With the campaign titled “Release Your Inner Tequila” they took the lucky few to the skies above Las Vegas in a fully kitted out party aeroplane with a “dance floor” and Dutch DJ Mike Cervello on hand to play a remixed version of his track “Smack” at an exclusive music festival. After climbing to an impressive height of 28,000 feet the revellers were then treated to a series of nose dives to induce zero gravity and a feeling of weightless as they continued to party.

The rave in space has now been immortalised via a YouTube video, which you can watch below.

Emblazoned with neon Desperados jackets we can watch as the party goers’ board the plane with UV lights glowing. This is then interspersed with clips from Cervello’s previous highly successful appearances and some science behind the physics of weightlessness from an auditory cognitive neuroscientist. We are then treated to the priceless moments when the zero gravity kicks in and the close ups focus on the faces of the overwhelmed and ecstatic participants. The video itself has already been viewed over 13,000 times since its upload and its viewing numbers continue to grow as this unique stunt is shared from one Tequila fan to another.

– @gfpvincent91


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