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The UK Screams For Ice Cream.

So it seems we’ve had just about all the summer weather we can handle for this year, and we’re back to rainy days and grey skies. But true to British style, this hasn’t stopped us – and brands all over are still embracing the summer spirit, with particular focus on the all time favourite: ice cream.

Today, Uber will be delivering free ice cream all over the UK: just download the app, press the request ice cream button and you could be enjoying a free Wall’s Cornetto within minutes. It’s literally as simple as that.


Also jumping on the ice cream bandwagon, Green and Blacks have created an edible ice cream sculpture in the heart of Covent Garden, to promote its new Chocolate Mint flavour ice cream.

The towering sculpture is made entirely of chocolate, cake and ice cream and passers-by are free to dig in.


Unfortunately, the Green and Black’s sculpture was launched yesterday, so chances are that the not so eagle-eyed among us may have missed it.

But fret not, we have found your saviour (and it’s also in Covent Garden, just round the corner): the Make Your Own Magnum Store.

Yes, you that read correctly.


Visit the store to create your own magnum, complete with your choice of ice cream flavour, chocolate coating, three toppings and chocolate sauce.


Note: make sure to remember crucial step number 5, ‘share it’: because if it’s not on Instagram, did it really happen?

Images (c) Event / TimOut / Magnum / London Pop Ups



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