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October 29, 2015

Ikea Makes Toys From Children’s Drawings.

Every parent has stood, hesitantly, with their child’s drawing in their hand thinking of the words, the tone and the expression to best comment on the coloured, scribbled mass in front of them. “You have so much potential!” “This is going on the fridge!” and “I love how expressive it is!” were my parents’ go to ‘compliments.’ Meanwhile they were thinking “Why does this dinosaur have crooked eyes and a lopsided mouth?” or “Why does this tiger only have 3 legs? Is that even a tiger?”

Ikea have realised the dreams of children everywhere by turning to the crayon wielding youth to create a range of toys for the Soft Toys for Education initiative. The 10 winning entries were lovingly turned into toys by the IKEA toy design team and can now be purchased from the stores themselves. For every one sold IKEA will donate one Euro via Unicef and Save the Children for children’s education projects around the world.

You can check out the winning entries here.

Here’s a bonus picture of a… mouse?

Photo (C) IKEA


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