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Tesco, Pranksters and the real romance of valentine’s day.

Twelve days. Twelve days is all you have to prepare a romantic night out, buy the cards, the flowers and the gifts to shower upon your loved ones on that most commercially manipulative of days. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

For many of us it can be an expensive time; companies know the kinds of things we’ll be buying and hike the prices accordingly. Tesco, during this time, have been the fortunate beneficiaries of some supermarket shelf pranksters who have decided what objects we really need for Valentine’s.


This, in social media terms, is a “User Generated Content Jackpot” – Tesco goes viral across social, lands a load of national online coverage and looks hilarious in the process. There’s not much more to say here, a picture tells a thousand words as they say, so I’ll leave you with one more:


Have a great Valentine’s Day everyone!


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