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Transfer Deadline Day: Game of Thrones.

*** Warning: Spoiler alert! ***

Transfer Deadline Day is upon us and we’re all looking forward to the high-paced drama, unexpected personnel changes and the excitement radiating from Jim White’s iconic golden tie… But it’s not the Premier League we’re referring to.

Those of you who have taken a ride on the emotional roller-coaster that is Game of Thrones, will be somewhat familiar with the random roulette of feelings, varying between love, betrayal, heartache and pure shock (often all in the same scene!).


For once however, it is us (and not Jon Snow), who know nothing. Seriously… We really do know nothing. Is Arya actually blind? Is Jon really dead? Will the weird fire witch bring him back to life? Will Cersei get what’s coming to her? And most importantly, will Tyrion finally settle down with a nice lady-friend?


Enter Jim White, who’s been kind enough to offer some experienced insight into the comings and goings of Westeros…

Whether you’re a fan of football, an avid Game of Thrones enthusiast or, like many out there, a connoisseur of both, this video is a must watch! Season 6 is out on Sky Atlantic on the 25th of April (2 months and 24 days away, but who’s counting?)… Be sure to wrap up warmly though, rumour has it that winter is coming!


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