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This one’s for the ladies….

Cheshire firefighter Patrick McBride has beaten (or rather out-fireman-lifted) 20,000 hopefuls to become Cadbury’s new ‘Milk Tray Man’ as the iconic chocolate ad returns to UK T.V after a thirteen year hiatus.


To stand out from the competition McBride admits to donning his full firefighter kit and lifting Cadbury’s execs on his shoulders during his audition.

The details of the ad is yet to be revealed but in Milk Tray Man tradition, like actor James Coombes before him, it’s likely McBride will rock the black turtle neck.

We at Taylor Herring look forward to Cadbury’s continuing to woo us closer to Valentine’s Day.

The news has been greeted with joy up and down the country as national newspapers and online outlets have started wondering when we’re likely to see the return of other classic brand icons.


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