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Taylor Herring score a hat-trick at the Dream Awards.

So Monday night was the first annual Dream Awards.


We arrived at The London Marriott Hotel, suited and booted (or at least we were once we’d done a cheeky shoe-change in reception), and as it was a Monday, fully determined that “tomorrow morning was Future Us’s problem.”

So, with our feet slightly less comfortable, we went in.

This is what happened…


Once we had tottered into the drinks reception (and watched a couple of thrifty attendees mine sweep some unattended glasses once the trays had been taken away – yes, we saw you, and we salute you), we hopped on the good foot and headed to table 26.

Then this happened. And literally no one understood.


The napkin was in fact a competition entry – draw something on it, tweet it in, winner announced after dinner. Done.

We chatted, we ate, we drank and we drew…


Turned out Shutterstock liked our ShhhhOtterStock sketch!

Not a bad start to the night.


The awards then began in earnest. Things were getting serious, and we had run out of wine.

We bought another bottle. Don’t worry.

Happily sipping away, awards were announced, people cheered, things were good. We then heard our first nomination over the speakers for PR: Event or Stunt

And this happened!


Back to the table. Cheers!

Thinking we were done, hair was well and truly let down. But it’s cool because we won’t be going on stage again…


Our second win, this time for Experiential: Live Events. Amazing! – In a state of shock, we had our photo taken with the suavest man in the room.

Two for two! Who’d have thunk?! And all for our work with this guy…

Utterly thrilled, we sat back down as horror washed over us – we had run out of wine again.

Went to the bar – all good. Phew.

Having what can only be described as a bloody good time, we reached the last award of the evening – the coveted 2015 Chairperson’s Award.

Hang on…




THANK YOU SO MU…sorry, you want me to what now?!


We stumbled through our massive thank you’s to The Drum, Sky Atlantic and Millennium FX, went back to our table, and celebrated a really fantastic evening!


Thanks guys! What a brilliant night!


Images (c) The Drum



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