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Modern-Day Suffragettes.

The Leicester Square red carpet; a runway for glamorous Hollywood stars to pose for photos, interact with their adoring fans (over a sturdy security fence mind), and most likely get rained on.

sufragettes 1
On Wednesday night however, the premiere of Suffragette saw scenes more in keeping with the content of the film than your average red carpet event.

In a protest to highlight the government cuts in their funding against domestic violence, Sisters Uncut stormed the premiere with flares and signs that read “Two women killed a week”, “Dead women can’t vote” and “Cuts kill”.  Arms linked, they then lay down in the centre of the red carpet.

sufragette 1

Whilst protests often divide opinion, these modern-day suffragettes were met with nothing but support. Helena Bonham Carter, one of the main stars of the film, although initially seen to mouth “oh golly”, stated she was glad the movie had sparked such emotion and that the protest was a “perfect” response to the film as it was exactly what their characters would do. Carey Mulligan, who plays Maud Watts in the movie, stated that “For those women to do that tonight. I think that’s awesome. It’s so exciting”.

Image (c) The Standard 


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