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One Direction’s Snapchat Skills.

You wake up at 3 am to jump online to wait for One Direction tickets to go on sale. After hammering your F5 key for hours you finally manage to snag some. Fast forward a few months. You’re now in the queue, freezing, but excited to finally see Harry Styles’ luscious locks in person. For the lucky few (thousand) in the arena it might well be one of the greatest nights of their life.

One Direction have, though, opened up their shows, and their lives, to the internet. The guys use Snapchat to show rehearsals, behind the scenes footage and now, short clips of themselves on stage during live performances.

People attending the show too can post videos of themselves screaming and cheering in equal measure as the dulcet tones of the world’s most famous boy band serenade them into the night. By contributing to the One Direction ‘Story’ on Snapchat they’re building up a massive amount of user generated content and allowing fans at home to feel like a part of the experience.

Photo (C) Metro


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