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SHOWER BEER. Have a break. Have a brew..

Have you ever dreamed about drinking a beer when you’re taking a shower? If so, boy, do we have news for you! Swedish brewery company PangPang, in collaboration with creative agency Snask, have created the first ever beer designed for drinking in the shower. (And before I hear you cry, “but can’t any beer be a shower beer?!”, hear me out and read to the end.)


This new product is currently available for Scandinavian consumers only. But with its incredible success – the first batch sold out instantaneously – the brand is considering going international. ‘Right now it retails for $12 a bottle but we are not sure how it will be priced outside Sweden.’ told Fredrik Öst to Bustle.

However, shower drinkers need to be cautious with this new beverage: indeed the bottles are made of glass, which is naturally hazardous when wet and slippery. The 18cl bottle contains 10 per cent alcohol, and has been designed to be consumed in 3 sips. If you’re in a rush, and haven’t finished your drink by the end of your shower, no problem – you can still use it as conditioner! 


Shower responsibly…


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