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Glamour magazine show that life goals have no age.

“What is your life goal?” For most of us, this is a question that often stumps and frustrates. It can either lead you to a place of great realisation and confirmation or wall pounding annoyance and despair.

On Wednesday, top women’s publication, Glamour magazine released a video on their official YouTube channel in which participants  (both male and female), ranging from from ages five to 75 are asked “What goal do you have in life?”


Answers stemmed from the hilarious “I play lacrosse and it has a goalie” (an answer given by an adorable five year old), to the more career focused answer “to make a living singing and acting” to very family orientated answer of “to be a really good mother to my children [and] be a role model to them”.


One would think that due to the span of ages, answers would vastly vary in scope, detail and time of completion. However, an answer that seemed to pop up again and again throughout the video was simply “to be happy”.

In fact, happiness, stability and enjoyment of life seemed to be a reoccurring theme within all the answers. Whether this wish of happiness was personal “To win an oscar”, or on the behalf of others “…I want to make the people around me happy”, all participants wished to maximise their enjoyment of life by either doing activities that they loved, being (or becoming) the type of person that could deliver happiness or by achieving a particular goal that would deliver happiness.

Glamour have proved that although we may grow older and our perspectives on life may change, the core value of our goals (and indeed, our lives) can be boiled down to one factor: happiness!

You can watch the full video below:

– @ApparentlyImKJ


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