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Perfect culinary photography.

If you are sick of friends taking morning photos of their eggs Benedict with a pinch of chopped parsley alongside a perfectly angled glass of squeezed orange juice then this app may not be for you.

‘Foodie’ which Line Corporation released February 2nd is a food-centric app that lets you take the perfect food photo every time.

The concept isn’t particularly fresh but Foodie is distinctive in other ways. For example, it contains 24 built in filters named for food types.


Depending on what you are photographing your meal will look more coloured, bright or reflective. Titles such as ‘BBQ, Sushi and Chewy’ adjust lighting or blurriness appropriately. To the casual viewer this translates into results that look SLR-camera captured shot for a glossy culinary magazine.

It also includes a best angle feature which lets you know exactly when the camera is tilted horizontally. At the perfect frontal angle the bottom of the screen turns yellow signalling the perfect angle.


Line are encouraging you to post your own results onto their social media to establish the best. Due to the success of the launch there are plans for a video version of the app also. Foodie is currently available for IPhone and Android.


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