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Emergency Garment Rescue Service.

LG and have teamed up for London Fashion Week starting tomorrow (Friday) to rescue consumers from pesky wardrobe malfunctions.


For the accident prone liable to spill their morning latte over their £1000 + dress or splattering the contents of their morning bagel over their designer shoes the LG Style Saving Service is patrolling the W1 area of London poised to save the day.

Consumers will be able to Tweet @LGUK and hashtag #SaveOurStyle to request an emergency pick up of stained garment, ripped dresses or overly creased shirts via the branded black van. Partners will then provide equally fashionable replacement attire for the suffering consumer to wear.

Don’t worry- they won’t proceed to charity shop your slightly crinkled or imperfect items. LG then whisk your apparel off to be laundered by their brand’s home appliance technology. How generous!

The Fashion Week stunt came after LG conducted a survey into the effects of unwanted stains. A whopping third of the people they polled admitted to calling off a first date or job interview because of a troublesome stain.

Speaking to Event Magazine Dawn Stockell of LG Electronics, said: “We know from the research that people are increasingly frustrated (23%) and annoyed (31%) when clothes are damaged by stains, even resorting to extreme measures when these types of incidents happen”.

“However, there are simple solutions to help keep clothes in tip-top condition ensuring many more wears, and LG’s Style Saving Service brings the washing expertise and service of LG’s backstage LFW Steam Team to the general public for the first time”.


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