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Laithwaite’s: A Blind Taste.

Wine lovers and self-proclaimed connoisseurs in London can now have their knowledge put to the test, with Laithwaite’s sophisticated Wine Tasting in the Dark event.

The experience is designed so that consumers are not able to use their visual senses, accentuating and potentially altering their taste buds. Laithwaite’s host and master of wine Justin Howard-Sneyd and his team of sommeliers will lead visitors around a pitch black tasting theatre, wearing infra-red night vision goggles and guiding participants through a series of taste experiments to make them rethink the way they approach wine.

“This is a first in wine tasting” says Laithwaite’s host and master of wine Justin Howard-Sneyd. “Deprived of sight, can you tell the colour of a wine or if it’s even a wine at all?”

You can now taste test wine in pitch black

Guests are invited to take part in interactive sessions, which include discovering their ‘wine personality’ and a code directing them to their ‘perfect match’ in wine. However, the company does not recommend a ‘try it yourself’ at home session, as it may “lead to some unfortunate slapstick and spillages”

Laithwaite’s Wine Tasting in the Dark will launch on the 4th November at the Royal Horticultural Halls in Westminster, for £30 a ticket.



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