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JetBlue: The Great Divide.

American Politics is often a mystery to us on this side of the pond. Posturing, bigotry, campaign songs and the unwavering feeling that he might become the next President. The one thing that always surprises us is just how vociferous people are about politics; are you red or blue?

That was the question JetBlue proposed to unsuspecting passengers on one of their flights. The premise was simple; JetBlue was offering everyone on board the chance for a free round-trip to somewhere on JetBlue’s route. The catch? All 150 people on board had to agree on the destination. Cue video:

They did it, eventually. Even the chaotic folks who quickly banded together to be simply known as “Row 21” were eventually subdued and brought around for the greater good.

A great social experiment, fun video and widespread media coverage. A success all round.


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