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Freeze the Internet! School Kids Start Genius New Trend.

Searching for some good old-fashioned innocent fun? Look no further than The Mannequin Challenge – the latest trend taking the internet by storm. Fear not however, no wastage of ice or water needed for this stunt, simply a room full of people willing and athletic enough to hold an elaborate pose for a while without falling over.

Started by the Edward H. White High School in Jacksonville, Florida, students can be seen balancing on tables, taking selfies and even holding strenuous cheerleading poses, whilst one person walks through and films the frozen participants.

Of course the temptation to out-do one another has ensured some impressive stunts from teams including Army West Point Gymnastics, with famous faces quickly following suit too. These include Rae Sremmurd who penned the chosen soundtrack “Black Beatles”, with others including Destiny’s Child, NBA and NFL players and even Hilary Clinton.

With internet trends like these typically lasting from a couple of weeks to a few months, only time will tell the creative lengths the internet will take this one to. My money is on a few Mannequin themed Christmas parties this year!

– @thesuzieday


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