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March 22, 2016


Normally these posts are for PR related stuff that we’ve thought was amusing or cool; be it TV ads, outdoor installations, long running campaigns and more. Very occasionally we see a show-stopper of a campaign; a hard hitting message that really makes you sit up and consider something.

This Persil advert does just that:

As part of the broader “Dirt is Good” campaign this powerful video focuses on those who have had their freedom and access to the outside world taken away, to highlight a number of worrying trends in children in developed countries.

One in three children spend less than 30 minutes playing outside every day, while one in five don’t play outside at all. The survey from Persil produced some shocking results. So shocking, in fact, that the prisoners of Wabash Valley Correctional Facility were left dumbfounded and visibly upset by the findings.

It’s a fantastic video, for an incredible cause and just one part of an extremely impressive multi-channel campaign.

Via Brand Republic


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