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Football for All.

Football, for many, is the beautiful game. The sport of the working class; all you need is a ball and a wall, or, as the saying goes, some jumpers for goalposts.

Despite the “everyman” image that football has for itself, it’s just that; every man. Women’s football might have had a surge in popularity thanks to the success of the World Cup in America recently but still that outdated feeling remains; football is a man’s game.

That’s certainly what these chaps thought. This non-league game in Spain was set to be uneventful; 22 guys kicking lumps out of each other to prove their masculinity and sporting prowess. That was, until, the arrival of ‘Dani’ Perez. ‘Dani’, or Brenda Perez (a professional footballer for Valencia, Atletico Madrid, Espanyol and Spain) agreed to a 7 hour makeup transformation to make her look like a man before she took to the field.

Suffice to say she made fools of everyone. Pirouetting around the opposition, bursting past defenders and scoring sublime goals.

After winning a free kick on the edge of the box ‘Dani’ removes her wig and makeup while the two burly defenders stood watching, mouths agape. A short run up sees the ball whistle around the wall and into the back of the net before delivering a tag line we should all take note of:

“This is not only a guy thing.”

Video (C) Daily Mail


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