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“Failing” Buzzfeed turns insult into profit!.

All of us have been insulted by someone in the past. Most of us suppress our feeling of anger, hurt and embarrassment and continue about our day. That’s what most of us would do.

Buzzfeed chose to take a different route when dealing with criticism. They turned an insult into merchandise! During his first press conference since the United States election, Donald Trump called the media company “a failing pile of garbage” after they published a dossier compiled by an alleged British intelligence officer which contained compromising information about Trump’s relationship with Russia.


Buzzfeed took the insult and created a range of products featuring the quote which incorporated the iconic rising stock Buzzfeed logo. The range of products included dust bins, T-shirts and car bumper stickers and sold them to their readership. Buzzfeed managed to raise $25,000 in just 12 hours! All proceeds to the Committee to Protect Journalists, a US nonprofit that promotes press freedom.

Now that’s the way you deal with criticism and stick it to the man!

– @apparentlyimkj


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