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Dogs recreate romantic scenes.

The two things that are almost a sure fire sign of success in virality are romance and cute animals. A cheesy line on a nice background? Thousands of shares. A pug doing anything in a video? You’ve gone viral. This wasn’t lost on the fine folk at Dog Vacay who combined these two heart-string-tugging elements to create the perfect Valentine’s Day PR moment:

(Picture: DogVacay)

For those of you thinking “Is that a send up of that scene from Titanic?” yes, yes it is. Dog Vacay have taken our beloved, hairy companions and recreated some of the most famous romantic scenes from classic films. Here’s my favourite:

(Picture: DogVacay)

The full list of pictures and films can be found here (thanks Metro!), and the story has generated a load of noise on social media and managed to get itself some decent online coverage as well.


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