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Dirt is Good by Persil.

It is official: dirt is good for you. That’s according to Persil, the laundry and stain extraordinaires. Launching their ‘Dirt is Good’ campaign, Persil unveiled a giant mud volcano in London in celebration of their Wild Explorers app.

Standing at 7ft tall and 10ft wide, the volcano involves a lot of mud. The piece even erupted at regular intervals. Taking a team of eight professionals more than 4,000 hours to create, the mud volcano is a celebration of everything grubby in nature.


The Wild Explorers app, made in partnership with The Wild Network, is free and offers up over 100 outdoor activities for families to enjoy and explore with. Activities include blowing a grass trumpet and making your very own mud volcano, all with the aim of getting outdoors and down in the dirt.

We all known kids don’t go outside and play as much as their parents did. Research shows that 39% of Brits avoid family outdoor time in the summer holidays and on average, children today play outside for around four hours a week.

This muddy mass unveiled by Persil in London may be the inspiration kids need to go and explore the depths of the British countryside. Dirt is good.

By @annie_devlin


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