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August 1, 2016

Doggy Selfies.

The internet loves few things more than pet pics. From Instagram accounts for French Bulldogs to apps for cats to play with, technology is constantly delivering new methods to get even more obsessed with our furry friends. Cloud Communications company Twilio has tapped into this mania by producing a how-to guide for allowing your pet to send you selfies all day. We can hear the pet bloggers bursting with impatience already.

With a few tech pieces – including the Arduino Yún and a webcam – your own pet can text you adorable pics throughout the day. What could make a dull day in the office more bearable than a snap of Lola the poodle or Alfie the retriever?

By using Twilio’s handy guide, investing in some equipment and teaching Lola how to press and pose, dreams can become reality.

We love this stunt and its aw-inducing appeal. Paws at the ready.

By @annie_devlin

via Mashable


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