Integrated Campaigns for Samsung

Drum Marketing Awards Grand Prix 2018

Taylor Herring have worked for Samsung since 2015 - handling  launches for a wide variety of products with award-winning integrated campaigns.


Millions of TV sets across the UK appeared to turn themselves off as part of a world-first marketing campaign for Samsung which showcased the evolution of television and its role within our homes.

Our disruptive campaign launched with a 20-second advert designed to trick viewers into thinking their devices have been turned off leaving nothing but a blank screen.

The multi-channel, multi-network takeover saw televisions ‘switching off’ during the ad breaks of some of Britain’s most popular shows including Coronation Street (ITV) and First Dates (C4).

The campaign was activated via 221 TV spots across 18 channels reaching an estimated 49 Million viewers and experiential activations.


Model Daisy Lowe fronted our campaign to celebrate the launch of the Samsung QLED TV, which can seamlessly blend into the background through its unique Ambient Mode functionality.


Two of the world’s most famous male statues were spectacularly reimagined as modern domestic demigods in our latest campaign for Samsung domestic appliances.

The figures feature in a COOH campaign that featured near-identical versions of the original masterpieces bar a few unmissable, cheeky tweaks.



We made TV history with the screening of a head-spinning new Samsung ad - the longest single shot commercial ever screened in the UK – featuring nothing but a washing machine cycle.

At three minutes and 20 seconds long, and preceded by a bespoke Channel 4 branded introduction, the advert filled an entire break when it is aired on Gogglebox.

The film, developed and produced by Taylor Herring featured a 200 second long cross section of a family wash immersed in suds as it spins through a cycle.


Samsung’s innovative new TV 'The Frame' combines art and technology. The stylish screen seamlessly becomes a piece of art when not being used.

Our news story centred around the discovery of the nation’s favourite British artworks.

We worked with a panel of experts to create a shortlist which were then put to a public vote.

The study also looked into the nation’s attitude towards art in the home, linking back to the nature and functionality of the product.

We engaged The Culture Show's Miranda Sawyer to act as spokesperson for the campaign. She presented a supporting video which outlined the results while showcasing the product.

Results: The story dominated headlines and trended on Twitter on launch day - yielding over 250 high value news articles 

The video has been embedded in dozens of high value news sites and media Facebook feeds including The Sun, Telegraph, Independent, Evening Standard and Mail Online. 


Samsung Galaxy S7

We built a multi-platform campaign featuring Dynamo and his ‘everyday illusions’ photography tricks.

'Everyday Illusions', was designed to amplify and hero the advanced camera functionality of the new Galaxy S7 & S7 edge phones which includes a super-fast shutter speed, low-level lighting capability and speedy auto-focus.

Dynamo worked closely with us to create a series of seven ‘Everyday Illusions’ using the phone, ensuring the S7 was always at the heart of the story.

The video had over 7 million views at the launch of the campaign, with 31 million Twitter impressions and over 400 pieces of fully branded coverage, including a Daily Mirror front page, Balance Magazine cover and Mail Online lead story, and 8 national print pieces.

Direct impact on sales: Overall pre-orders for the phone were up 300% compared to the S6.

Sales of the S7 were up 50% in the first week and 30% throughout the campaign period year on year (compared to the S6 launch). 

The client said ‘The most creative and engaging influencer campaign we have ever worked on – incredible results that directly impacted on sales of the S7. The press coverage and unique content helped us to smash all our targets - market share, pre-orders, and sales - all in a market that is completely saturated with mobile phones’.

Samsung Hypercube

The launch of the Samsung VR 'Hypercube' saw a chance for UK Festival goers to experience Biffy Clyro's ‘Flammable’, the first VR music video in the UK.

The Hypercube debuted at three festival sites, Boardmasters in Cornwall, Glasgow Summer Sessions and Bestival on the Isle of Wight. We hosted journalists for a special VR experience, and at the final festival, Bestival, oversaw a special weekend with journalists across music, tech, lifestyle and news enjoying the Hypercube, music and the festival sights.

With this hosting, as well as selling-in to music journalists across regional and national press throughout the latter half of the summer, we saw a fantastic return of 156 pieces of coverage, with wonderfully detailed articles highlighting the incredible new experience, lauding Samsung’s creation and partnership with Biffy, as well as 436,000 unique social media posts.

Samsung SmartThings

We created a multi-platform campaign which would help build fame and awareness for Samsung SmartThings around their UK launch  

The product allows people to remotely control elements within their homes, such as switching on lights, turning up the thermostat or unlocking the backdoor, all via a simple app on their phones. 

As the product represented the dawn of ‘futuristic living’ today in the here and now, we decided to root our creative in a report looking at how we may live in the future – up to 100 years from now.

We engaged a panel of experts to help create a 360-degree campaign which included a full research report, bespoke architectural imagery, video content and a survey story.

A leading space scientist also acted as the campaign spokesperson, conducting interviews with a number of broadcast outlets including Sky Sunrise and BBC World Service, as well as presenting the accompanying video.

In total over 400 pieces of coverage were secured across print, online and broadcast media – 7 national print pieces and 12 broadcast interviews including Sky Sunrise and BBC World Service.

Samsung Family Hub 

To launch the Family Hub Refrigerator, we were challenged to drive awareness of the Family Hub and Samsung’s refrigeration range.

Given there had been a huge amount of coverage on food wastage and storage management in the news, we avoided a serious take on this and created an entertaining campaign around food management and wastage.

We worked with a panel of food journalists to compile a shortlist of child friendly dishes.

These suggestions were put to 2000 British parents to discover the top 25 stories a child should be able to cook by the age of 11.

We engaged MasterChef runner-up Emma Spitzer as a spokesperson to comment on the results, and created a recipe book for children that was downloadable for free from the Samsung website.

The campaign gained over 45 pieces of coverage, with download links to the recipe book featuring in 60% of our coverage.