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Paddy Power’s mobile Drunk Tank hits the streets of Ascot

Posted on June 18th, 2018 in Taylor Herring News.

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A bold new initiative promising to bring relief to the residents of Ascot has been unveiled today following a spate of alcohol-fuelled brawls at race meetings.

Paddy Power’s ‘Drunk Tank’ service will provide temporary accommodation for up to 50 racing fans to sleep off the booze in clear-sided 6 x 2 metre container mounted on a lorry.

Members of staff will cart drunks off the streets of Ascot in wheelbarrows, before transferring them into the tank. The custom-built unit features a hydraulic tail lift for ease of loading.

Following recent events, the Irish bookmaker unveiled the ‘The Drunk Tank’ ahead of Royal Ascot (tomorrow) in a bid to avert a rumble at Britain’s most prestigious race meeting.

Last week, racecourse bosses announced that punters could be breathalysed or refused admission as part of a crackdown on brawls that have recently marred meetings at Ascot and Goodwood.

Paddy Power today shared video footage of staff participating in a training exercise, as they prepared to tackle tanked-up toffs and inebriated city types with ease and professionalism.

New research by the bookmaker revealed that over eight in ten (85%) of British racegoers agree that horse racing events need to do more to stop alcohol fuelled drunken bad behaviour. Over a staggering four-fifths (88%) also admitted that their racing experience had been ruined by booze-fuelled bad behaviour and drunken antics.

The public service initiative, which Paddy Power are providing at no cost to residents (or drunks), aims to clear the streets of blottoed race-goers and assist the inhabitants of the quaint Berkshire town.

A national poll of 2,000 British racegoers commissioned by the company also revealed that eight in ten (80%) of those surveyed have actively shunned high-profile racing events to avoid drunken fisticuffs and catfights.

The research also revealed that respondents found City boys (59%) to be the worst group of racegoers, followed closely by Hen/Stag do’s (54%) and Toffs (41%).

The top five worst things to witness during a day at the races, according to those surveyed were:

  1. The sight of someone vomiting (62%)
  2. People urinating in public (59%)
  3. Catfight/brawls (52%)
  4. People engaging in sexual activity in public (49%)
  5. People chanting and singing laddish inappropriate songs (43%)

Paddy Power said: “Every year we watch thousands of dapper gents and glamourous ladies descending on Ascot. But the mere whiff of a Prosecco cork seems to set them off. By the second race they’re rolling around the Royal enclosure like wild animals. Our Drunk Tank team will be patrolling the streets of Ascot to ensure the drunks don’t spoil things for residents and decent race-loving folk.”  

Record-breaking jockey and Paddy Power racing ambassador Ruby Walsh said: “I’ve been shocked by the scenes of violence we’ve seen at racing events recently. It’s not something you want to see on a night out let alone a day at the races. There’s no place in any society for that kind of behaviour to be honest.”

Paddy Power estimate an industry-wide figure in excess of a staggering £100 million will be wagered during Royal Ascot. In the festival showpiece, the horse Order of St George aims to reclaim his title in the Ascot Gold Cup on Thursday for Irish challenger Aidan O’Brien, while Sir Michael Stoute’s Stradivarius will strive to lower his colours.

The campaign was devised and executed by PR and creative agency Taylor Herring with Paddy Power’s in house team.

The spot was produced by the agency’s new production arm St Marks Studios.

The film was written and directed by James Herring with Jon Brooks.

For the latest Royal Ascot betting odds visit: https://www.paddypower.com/



Win at Cannes Lions with this disruptive campaign idea generator

Posted on June 16th, 2018 in Taylor Herring News.

Dreaming up Cannes Lions winning campaigns takes time. A lot of time.

We wondered will there be a future where maybe, just maybe, you could deliver disruptive campaign ideas at the touch of a button?

No more brainstorms.

No more thought showers.

No more flipchart spitballing.

No more frenetic huddles in your bean bag room. (The one with the blue sky painted on the ceiling and that jar of Haribo)

Just imagine.

Well it took around 10 hours of development and a few hundred of lines of code but we finally built an artificial intelligence platform to fully automate the creative process.

Yes – an AI programme that instantly summons buzz-worthy social causes, together with memeable on-point trends and the shiniest new tech  – providing the perfect inspiration.

Ladies and Gentlemen – the future is here….(well, in beta)

As always – we look forward to your constructive feedback.







Football legends line up for Betfair five-a-side surprise

Posted on June 12th, 2018 in Taylor Herring News.

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An amateur football team from London were left speechless when legends Rio Ferdinand, Michael Ballack, Michel Salgado and Rivaldo were substituted onto the pitch to play against them during a local five-a-side match.

Hidden cameras captured the moment when footballing royalty turned up to hand out a master-class in ‘the beautiful game’.

The former international stars staged the prank with the help of bookmakers Betfair ahead of the start of this year’s World Cup, due to kick off in Russia on Thursday 14th June.

The prank was setup after a number of local teams responded to cryptic DIY posters created by the legends. The mysterious poster gave little information apart from a number of outrageous claims including; the team were ‘proper class’ and had scored ‘100s of goals scored all over the world’.

After an influx of amateur teams looking for a game, the former international players picked out a team to stage the prank on. A team of lads turned up for the game, only to be greeted by an unfit, overweight, middle-aged squad of 50 year olds.

With a coin-toss between the captains complete, the older team showed they had confidence and the guts by making a shrewd bet, the men took to the field to play however, ten minutes into the game the older chaps were in dire assistance of a break. Showing their smarts from the earlier bet, the unfit 50-year old goalkeeper hailed over the superstar substitutes.

The international sensations descended on to the pitch and delivered world-class silky skills, showboating with expert tackles, exceptional goals and infamous signature celebrations. The dream team left the field with minutes to spare to allow the middle-aged team to take all of the glory.

Rio Ferdinand who captained the super sub-international team said: “It was a great feeling stepping back on the field and playing alongside some of the world’s best players, even if it was on a local five-a-side pitch. We had a real laugh staging the prank and I won’t forget the look on the lads faces when we all turned up.”

Stephen Mault, Brand Director at Betfair said: “The country is in fever pitch ahead of the World Cup and we wanted to bring the magic of the game to a local five-a-side team who got the chance of a lifetime to play with football royalty. An estimated £5 billion will be bet across the bookmaking industry during the World Cup and Belgium at 9/1 is the most heavily backed outside team with £356k staked so far. We are placing England at 16/1 to win the competition and Harry Kane is 14/1 to win the Golden Boot. One customer is due to take home just shy of half a million if current European champions Portugal win the World Cup”

Betfair’s open bets on this year’s World Cup can be found at: www.betfair.com

Taylor Herring gives a Greggs a gourmet makeover as ‘Gregory and Gregory’

Posted on May 30th, 2018 in Food and Drink PR,Taylor Herring News.

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Food-on-the-go retailer Greggs surprised unsuspecting gourmets by serving up lunch under the guise of an artisan delicatessen at a top London food festival at the weekend.

The high street brand went undercover to showcase its new summer lunch offering to foodies but with a twist.

The menu includes a feta and beetroot dip salad with a roast vegetable grain, an oriental chicken sticky rice salad and their first ever vegan addition – a Mexican bean wrap.

The campaign was devised and executed by PR and creative agency Taylor Herring alongside the Greggs team.

A covert video released today on YouTube shows food fans praising tapas-style dishes served from a hip deli called ‘Gregory and Gregory.’

The film, produced by St Marks Studios, captures their stunned reactions as told they’re actually eating from Greggs.

The brand installed the pop-up ‘undercover Greggs’ at Foodies Festival – a three-day event attended amongst some of the biggest names in the business including Michelin-starred chefs from the UK’s top gourmet restaurants and TV chefs.

Greggs wanted to trial its new menu on some of Britain’s most discerning palates so they booked a pitch amongst the street food and artisan producers in the market area of the festival site that would convincingly blend in with the upmarket array of stalls.

The food which was freshly prepared by Greggs included salads, pasta, rice dishes and vegan wraps.

When told he was in fact eating Greggs, one surprised festival-goer said: “You wouldn’t normally find me in a Greggs but I think what they’ve done with these new salads is brilliant. I’ll certainly be popping in there for lunch in future.”

Another customer said: “Greggs – you think of pasties, don’t you, and sausage rolls. I genuinely found this range of salads and wraps surprisingly good!”

Malcolm Copland, commercial director at Greggs said: “London is a global gourmet destination from its street food scene to the incredible array of critically acclaimed restaurants – so where better to try out our new lunchtime range. The reaction to the new menu has been fantastic and we’re now rolling it out across the UK.”

James Herring, Managing Partner at Taylor Herring said “Weeks of planning went into the stunt. As well as stall design, menu branding and overnight installation it required seamless collaboration with Greggs’ food service team. Even the delivery vans needed to be re-branded specially for the event, so we didn’t give the game away. It’s definitely one of the most ambitious projects we’ve delivered for the brand so far.”

Celebrities who attended the festival included Saturday Kitchen host Matt Tebutt, Michelin Starred Chefs Atul Kochhar, Josh Eggleton, Stephen Crane, Robert Potter and Brad Carter as well as top TV chef Glynn Purnell, MasterChef Winner 2017 Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed & healthy eating sensation Bettina Campolucci-Bordi.

The annual event held in Syon Park is the UK’s biggest food festival.

Taylor Herring have delivered a number of high profile campaigns for Greggs in the past 12 months including a Valentine’s Day promotion and a Greggs diet and documentary film.

Samsung set for #TVblackout this weekend

Posted on May 25th, 2018 in Consumer Electronics PR,Taylor Herring News.

Millions of TV sets across the UK will appear to turn themselves off this weekend as part of a world-first marketing campaign for electronics giant Samsung which aims to showcase the evolution of television and its role within our homes.

The disruptive campaign which has been created and produced by PR and creative agency Taylor Herring launches on Friday 25th May with a 20-second advert which has been designed to trick viewers into thinking their devices have been turned off leaving nothing but a blank screen.

The multi-channel, multi-network takeover will witness televisions appearing to be ‘switched off’ during the ad breaks of some of Britain’s most popular shows including Coronation Street (ITV), The Simpsons (Sky) and First Dates (C4).

Screens will buzz with static and interference before going blank and entirely silent, leaving viewers staring into the void – or searching for their remote controls – for five long seconds. The darkness ends with text emerging, which reads: “This is your TV screen … most of the time; a void full of nothing.” It then explains the virtues of Samsung QLED technology which has an ‘ambient’ mode meaning viewers need never see a blank screen again.

The campaign which will roll out in the UK over 10 days starting on Friday will initially feature 221 TV spots across 18 channels reaching an estimated 49 Million viewers.

The commercials mark the first time UK screens have gone entirely ‘blank’ during an ad break and signposts a revolution in TV design from Samsung that enables TV sets to either blend in with the décor of the home, or display imagery when not in use, effectively banishing ugly black screens which dominate our living rooms to the annals of history.

Viewers will be teased into the audacious campaign across the weekend; starting on Friday evening and building up to a 30 second commercial the following day where Samsung will raise the stakes further by ‘going blank’ for an extended eight seconds of a 30 second spot.

The second ad will air at key times on Saturday evening and is set to disrupt the Champions League final commercial break where the audience will be told it is “time to adjust your set”.

Robert King, Vice President – Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland, said: “The large black rectangles which have come to dominate our homes over the past 50 years will soon be a thing of the past as televisions adapt to complement and reflect our modern living environment. Our QLED ambient technology marks the end of an era and we are about to witness a seismic change in the way we watch, install and enjoy television.”

 Rebecca Hirst, Marketing Director, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland commented: “This unique and disruptive marketing campaign has been designed to underscore our messaging in the most dramatic way possible, switching sets off to remind the public that their TV is simply a boring black screen for 90% of the time”.

The #TVblackout campaign is supported with a range of multi-channel content including teaser digital ads, disruptive cinema spots and a full screen take-over at Piccadilly Circus in central London.

The campaign is set to disrupt cinema screenings throughout the UK from Friday when the famous Pearl and Dean theme tune will be interrupted during screenings of ‘Solo’ as screens appear to switch off.

London based tactical executions will include groups of ‘TV people’ with blank screens for faces picketing high streets and electronic shops with ‘This is the End’ – style billboards to promote the #TVblackout hashtag.

The launch follows research by Samsung which found that the majority of British adults (60%) believe that large black TV screens can overly dominate a room or stand out too much. Of the same group studied, a similar number (61%) agreed that modern tastes in interior design are less ‘showy’ than previous decades suggesting we care more about concealing technology within the design of a room than in previous years.


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