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Yippee Ki-Yule! Sky Cinema team up with Cassetteboy to prove Die Hard is a Christmas Film

Posted on December 12th, 2018 in Taylor Herring News.

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NEWS! YouTube sensation Cassetteboy is settling the age-old festive debate as to whether cult action classic Die Hard is a Christmas film or not.

On Die Hard’s 30th anniversary, the cut ‘n’ paste remix artists have re-edited the 1988 film into a ‘12 Days of Christmas’ jingle, proving the film is a festive flick, with the evidence all found in the script.

The project was specially commissioned by Sky Cinema to celebrate Die Hard landing exclusively on the service from December 1st.

As part of the campaign to confirm the film’s Christmas roots, Sky Cinema also created a poll online offering people across the world the opportunity to vote, to help settle the biggest debate of the year – www.isdiehardachristmasfilm.com

The campaign was delivered by creative PR agency Taylor Herring.

The new video by Cassetteboy opens on main character Jon McClane checking into the Nakatomi Plaza, only to frustratingly be asked by the computer whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

The piece then kicks off into the ’12 Days of Christmas as told by Die Hard’, showcasing the scenes throughout the film that prove its festive heritage.

The movie’s writer Steven E. de Souza confirmed on Twitter to a journalist in 2017, that the film was in fact a traditional festive film whilst lead actor Bruce Willis strongly declared this year that it’s not a Christmas movie and is merely set on Christmas Eve.

In two separate articles, Empire magazine and Forbes magazine both voted Die Hard as the greatest Christmas movie ever, beating the likes of It’s a Wonderful Life, Home Alone, The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Trading Places.

Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Cinema said: “I don’t know why we even debate this every year. Die Hard is the biggest Christmas movie of all time. The proof is all in the script”


Iceland launch world’s first in-store ice rink

Posted on December 10th, 2018 in Taylor Herring News.


To bring some fun to the Christmas food shop, supermarket chain Iceland has trialled a new concept – Shopping on Ice.

A world first, supermarket aisles in their London Stratford branch were transformed to ice.

A team of 12 ice rink experts worked through the night, refitting the entire store with 250 square meters of synthetic ice to complete the spectacular transformation.

Having been named the UK’s top supermarket for customer satisfaction numerous times, the brand-new experience aimed to bring some fun to what is often seen as just another festive chore – the Christmas food shop.

The rink was installed in response to new research, commissioned by Iceland, which found that four in five parents (83%) wish they had more time to enjoy the run up to the big day.

A locker room area was installed where shoppers were invited to swap their footwear for skates, meaning they could glide through the aisles as they picked up their essentials ready for Christmas.

With nine in 10 children (89%) finding the Christmas food shop boring, Iceland added some extra fun to the experience with penguin aids to help them skate along between the freezers and shelves.

The instore skating trial passed the test of two professional skaters who took to the ice delighting shoppers with a performance.

Neil Hayes, Marketing Director at Iceland says: ‘At Iceland we know Christmas is and exciting time, however it can be a struggle for lots of families as there’s so much to do. We wanted to add some magic to Christmas food shopping and the in store skating experience has certainly done that’.

Iceland’s Christmas 2018 range includes more than 100 food lines including:
· Luxury Jumbo Coated Wild Red Shrimp Selection
· Luxury Mince Pies
· Luxury Black Forest Layered Pavlova
· Perfect Turkey Crown
· Glazed Gammon
· Salted caramel Christmas tree cheesecake
· Winter berry Christmas tree cheesecake
· Mince pie ice cream cones

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Greggs launch free gift wrapping service and Christmas gift range

Posted on December 4th, 2018 in Taylor Herring News.

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This December, Greggs is launching a free gift wrapping service to relieve some of the stress from weary shoppers and to ensure the festive period is a joyful one.

The exclusive gift wrapping service launches in five Greggs shops nationwide from 11th – 13th December (4pm – 8pm).

Greggs’ elves will be on hand to wrap presents for free in bespoke Greggs wrapping paper with a Festive Bake design, while customers can put their feet up with a complimentary glass of mulled wine.

A limited edition range of Greggs stocking fillers will also be available in these shops including the first ever Greggs Christmas jumper, doughnut socks, sausage roll inspired umbrella, phone case, reusable cup, Christmas cards, a high roller gift card and a set of pin badges in the image of the nation’s favourite Greggs menu items.

The festive service is being launched in light of new research that reveals over two thirds of the nation (69%) admit they find the build up to Christmas stressful, with shopping for presents, wrapping gifts and washing up after Christmas dinner named as the chores dreaded the most.

Nearly half (48%) said that wrapping gifts is one of the festive jobs they’d most like to pay someone else to do, admitting they would happily stump up £9.61 on average to avoid it – perhaps not surprising as they expect to spend an average of 1 hour 58 minutes wrapping all their gifts.

The survey of 2,000 Brits, commissioned by Greggs, also revealed that 1 in 10 of us (10%) leave wrapping presents right up to Christmas Eve, and some even to the morning of Christmas Day.

The top 10 festive chores the nation dreads the most:

Christmas shopping (68%)
Wrapping presents (47%)
The washing up (41%)
Constant cleaning of the house (40%)
Writing Christmas cards (37%)
The Christmas food shop (37%)
Reacting to presents when opening in front of friends and family (35%)
Cooking Christmas dinner (33%)
Deciding where to spend the festive period (29%)
Forgetting to send someone a card (28%)

On the flipside, the Christmas activities that Brits most look forward to are spending time with family (65%), eating Christmas food (57%) and giving presents to friends and family (54%).

Hannah Squirrell, Customer Director at Greggs said: “Fitting everything in at Christmas can be a struggle, and we wanted to help our customers lighten the load. Our free gift-wrapping service means weary shoppers can take a break while our elves wrap their presents, and they can even pick up some gifts for the Greggs fan in their life (or themselves) with our limited edition range.”

The full Greggs Christmas gift range includes:

Greggs Christmas jumper – £18.00
Sausage roll or doughnut socks – £4.00
Sausage roll umbrella – £10.00
Sausage roll phone case (suitable for Apple and Android top five devices) – £10.00
Greggs pin badges (set of 5) – £6.50
Reusable cup – £3.00
High Roller Greggs gift card (minimum £50 load) – £50.00
Greggs Christmas cards (set of 8) – £4.00

All proceeds from Greggs’ gifts will be donated to the Greggs Foundation.

Shops running the free gift-wrapping service and stocking gifts from 11th – 13th December, 4pm – 8pm, are:

London – Stratford Shopping Centre
Birmingham – High Street
Manchester – Parker Street
Newcastle – Grainger Street
Glasgow – Buchanan Galleries shopping centre

The research also showed Brits will spend an average of 22 hours – nearly a whole day – finding all their Christmas gifts, splitting their time going into shops and online.

Animatronic Orangutan scales Christmas tree for Iceland campaign

Posted on November 14th, 2018 in Consumer PR,Taylor Herring News.

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Londoners were stunned this morning as they witnessed what appeared to be an angry Orangutan on the loose and clinging to a Christmas tree on London’s South Bank.

Further sightings were reported at locations across the capital including Oxford Street and the parks of London where the ape appeared to be in search of a new home.

The displaced ape was actually part of supermarket chain Iceland’s Christmas campaign, with the stunt being staged using sophisticated animatronics to highlight the retailer offering the choice of Christmas without palm oil.

The campaign was created and delivered by Taylor Herring alongside Iceland’s marketing team.

The disruptive campaign follows the banning of Iceland’s Christmas advert last week, which featured a baby Orangutan seeking a new home after its normal forest habitat has been eradicated as a result of deforestation.

A team of leading special effects artists spent months designing and building the ultra-realistic animatronic replica orangutan, which is controlled both remotely and via a specialist puppeteer who has spent years studying the movements of the species to fine-tune their skills.

The campaign has received mass public support after the supermarket chain’s Christmas advert was banned for being too political.

More than 12 million people have now watched the film on Facebook, with it gaining the support of numerous high-profile figures including James Corden and Paloma Faith.

The initiative follows on from new research commissioned by Iceland, which reveals that deforestation and the use of palm oil are among the top three environmental concerns of consumers alongside food waste and single use plastics. Despite their concerns, the study of 1,500 British adults highlighted that over half (56%) weren’t aware of the devastating effects palm oil production has on the rainforest and the resulting threat to the survival of orangutan populations.

The majority of retailers continue to use palm oil at an alarming rate, but Iceland is pioneering the response to this needless destruction and endangerment of the majestic apes and has pledged to eliminate the ingredient from all its own label products by the end of 2018.

The natural habitats of the critically endangered orangutans are being torn apart at an alarming rate in Indonesia and Malaysia – both of which are home to the species – leaving the magnificent animals unable to survive. It has been estimated that around 6,000 orangutans are wiped out each year with 80% of their natural habitat disappearing in the space of two decades.

· A rainforest area the size of 146 football pitches is cleared every hour to make way for palm oil production [3]

· Palm oil production contributes to the death of 25 orangutans every day [4]

· 93% of people asked would like retailers to be doing more to make it clear which products contain palm oil[5]

This festive season, Iceland, the UK’s leading frozen food specialist, is giving customers an opportunity to enjoy Christmas without palm oil, with a special Christmas food range. The tasty array of food includes luxury mince pies, vegetarian centrepieces and showstopping desserts – all carefully crafted, with recipes reworked to ensure that the removal of palm oil has no effect on quality or taste.

Iceland Managing Director Richard Walker said: “Our stranded, distressed Orangutan is a stark and potent symbol of the effects of deforestation. We always try to give people a real choice about what they buy and this was a key driver of our decision to allow Iceland customers to join us in saying ‘no to palm oil’. We are determined to be at the forefront of efforts to guarantee palm oil is not causing rainforest destruction and Iceland will continue to be a driving force until this environmental impact is drastically reduced. I am immensely proud of the work our food development team has carried out to create this new Christmas range without palm oil – a celebration of our commitment to end its use before the year closes.”

Iceland made the decision to demonstrate to the food and retail industries that it is possible to reduce the demand for palm oil by seeking alternative ingredient solutions.

Growing demand for palm oil for use in food products, cosmetics and biodiesel is devastating tropical rainforests across South East Asia. In Indonesia and Malaysia, where expanding palm oil and wood pulp plantations are the biggest driver of deforestation[6], the orangutan is being threatened with extinction.

Iceland’s Orangutan will be touring regional stores throughout November.

For more information about the Iceland Christmas range and the palm oil commitment visit Iceland.co.uk

Louis Walsh stars in new Christmas advert for Elves Behavin’ Badly toy range

Posted on November 6th, 2018 in Taylor Herring News.

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Former X-Factor star Louis Walsh fronts new Christmas ad campaign for elf toy brand Elves Behavin’ Badly.

An appeal-style video released today sees the Irish music mogul take the lead role as ‘Elf Help’ ambassador, appealing to families to take in a naughty elf this Christmas.

Elves Behavin’ Badly – Christmas Advert

Help an Elf this Christmas… you won’t regret it #Elvesbehavinbadly

Posted by Elves Behavin’ Badly on Monday, 5 November 2018

The witty advert sees the Westlife manager telling the story of Elfie and Elvie – two troubled elves who have been kicked out of their homes for joyriding reindeer and getting up to no good.

As the story unfolds, an ‘Elf Help’ worker delivers the elves to the Chowdhury family who generously take the dolls into their home.

But the elves cause havoc by pulling pranks on the family; graffitiing the Dad’s face with marker pen, sneaking chilli sauce into the dinner and gift-wrapping the family dog.

Agency Taylor Herring were appointed in June by brand owner PMS International Group to build brand fame for the break-out doll range. The spot was created by Taylor Herring and produced by the agency’s production arm St Marks Studios.

The ad prompts families to share set-up pictures of their badly-behaved elves using the hashtag #ElvesBehavinBadly. The spot will feature on major online channels including Facebook and YouTube.

The campaign will be amplified across social media channels with comedians and Twitter influencers tasked to take on the elf photography challenge. The agency will produce daily content for the brand’s social media channels, alongside running a reactive Twitter newsroom fronted by naughty elves in a purpose-built micro office.

The Elves Behavin’ Badly doll range exploded onto the scene in 2017 with over TWO MILLION elves sold in the run up to Christmas, making it one of the biggest selling toy brands of the year.

The brand is on track to sell a further two million naughty elves by Christmas 2018. Major retailers stocking the Elfie and Elvie elf dolls include; Poundland, Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, WH Smith and Amazon.

Parents have latched onto the elf doll craze setting up funny elf scenes for their children to wake up to. Once the kids are in bed, mums and dads place the naughty elves in unexpected locations in the house so the kids wake up with anticipation to find out what the naughty elves have been up to during the night.

Earlier this year Taylor Herring unveiled a mobile outdoor campaign in the form of lorries wrapped in witty elf designs. The toy manufacturer covered its entire fleet of 30 lorries with images of Elves Behavin’ Badly in different playful set-ups.

Louis Walsh said: “Last year Elves Behavin’ Badly caused a viral sensation but this year they’re set to top the Christmas toy charts. The naughty elves have become social media stars in their own right taking over the nation’s Instagram and Facebook feeds as parents get ever more creative and ingenious with the set ups. I can’t wait to see what people get up to with their elves in the run up to Christmas.”

Paul Beverley, Managing Director at PMS International Group PLC, said: “We wanted to make a splash this year with a Christmas advert unlike any other. In true Elves Behavin’ Badly style, it’s very tongue-in-cheek. We hope parents and children alike will get involved with sharing their elf antics on social media and we’ll be rewarding the best with prizes every week.”

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