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The Generation Alpha Report

Posted on June 19th, 2019 in Children's Brands PR,Consumer PR,Taylor Herring News.

Move over Millennials and Gen Z, here comes Generation Alpha

Major new study reveals the attitudes and behaviours of the next generation of Brits under age 10

British children under age 10 are a tribe of tech-savvy, environmental-activists who are embracing traditional outdoor activities, according to a new in-depth study into the behaviour, goals and attitudes of Generation Alpha.

The ground-breaking research charts the rise of kids born since 2010 (the year Instagram and the iPad launched), with the UK on course to hit peak Gen Alpha in 2025 – by which time there will be 2 billion around the globe.


The wide-ranging report, carried out by Beano Studios’ in-house kid first consultancy Beano for Brands, of over 2,000 British children and their parents, reveals 86% of kids under 10 are using new technology to design, build and make things.

With over half of those surveyed (55%) regularly creating video content; tinkering with electronics (47%); enjoying robotics (43%) and computer coding (36%) – Gen Alpha has the potential to spawn the next wave of Elon Musks before they even leave school.

Although they are the first generation born in a truly digital world, Gen Alpha say they are not tech-dependent, unlike their selfie and app-addicted millennial parents.

Almost half (48%) of Gen Alpha kids often spend time away from devices and tech, compared with just 29% of their older siblings (Gen Z).

The activities they’re interested in are more reminiscent of their grandparents than their parents, with more Gen Alpha kids (42%) enjoying handicraft activities like knitting and crochet than Gen Z kids (32%). The research shows 98% are still playing outside, and nearly three quarters (72%) are still climbing trees.

The research also reveals that Gen Alpha will be a new wave of activists, questioning everything ranging from stereotypes on gender to climate change denial. Already one in five kids (19%) aged between 5-9 have been on a march or protest about something they care about. Half of Gen A parents (47%) support their children speaking out when it comes to activism.

Emma Scott, CEO at Beano Studios, said: “Gen Alpha is the generation that will seek to bend the digital world to their needs and ambitions and not be defined or consumed by it; they will set aside our current worldview stereotypes of identity and difference and their love for cherishing and saving the physical world around them will literally change the face of our planet. Beano for Brands’ Generation Alpha report is just the beginning. We’ve only just started to scratch the surface of this exciting, impassioned generation. With the oldest of Gen Alpha yet to reach secondary school, Beano for Brands will continue to monitor their progress and educate the world on who they are and what we as parents, educators, legislators and businesses need to do to keep up with them.”

Amongst the many findings of the Beano for Brands report, are Five Trends of Gen Alpha that are set to define the upcoming generation:

1. Digital Masters: When it comes to all things online and digital, Gen Alpha are streets ahead of their digital native millennial parents.

2. The New Old Fashioneds: Despite their digital mastery, and almost being born with a mobile device in their hands, Gen Alpha are nonetheless showing signs of being the ‘new old fashioneds’ with a return to ‘playing out’ and valuing family time.

3. Creative Entrepreneurs: Gen Alpha look set to be the ‘architechs‘ of a new found tech-enabled creativity

4. Activists in the Home: From school strikes to protesting against single use plastics, Gen Alpha kids are the activists in the home. They question everything from stereotypes on gender to climate change denial.

5. Post-Stereotypes: Gen Alpha is the first generation to judge people by who they are, not what they are.

A topline summary of the research and access to the full whitepaper can be found at <URL>.

Notes to Editors:

The Five Trends of Gen Alpha – In Depth


When it comes to all things online and digital, Gen Alpha are streets ahead of their digital native millennial parents.

Parents Behaving Badly

Gen Alpha is the first generation of digital masters, and it’s their digital native millennial parents who are lagging behind their children’s tech-spectations.

Even though they are still aged under 10, nearly half of Gen Alpha kids (45%) are anti-‘sharenting’ and want their parents to ask their permission before posting their photograph online, while the majority of parents (60%) disagree and would post without asking.

Bad Influencer(s) and Cancel Culture

Gen Alpha has a strong moral compass and are outspoken critics of the attitudes, ideologies and behaviours of some social media influencers.

The report shows that two thirds (62%) of Gen Alpha frequently see YouTubers behaving in ways with which they don’t agree.

And they don’t passively accept it. Cancel Culture is alive and well for Gen Alpha.

Take YouTube megastar James Charles who lost 3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel in just days as a reaction to what young followers saw as brattish and ungrateful behaviour.

Fake News spotters

Parents also greatly underestimate their children’s confidence online, with 73% of Gen Alpha saying they’re confident using the internet and know what to do if they see something upsetting. Only 58% of their parents thought this was the case.

Compared to the kids’ point of view, it appears that parents underestimate Gen Alpha’s confidence online and their propensity for discovery, while overestimating the skills of Gen Z children (58% and 85% respectively).

Gen Alpha are inquisitive and don’t take information at face value. Some 73% think it’s important to question what’s online and, despite ‘fake news’ only entering mass consciousness in January 2017 through Donald Trump, three in 10 (31%) already feel they know how to spot it.


Despite their digital mastery, and almost being born with a mobile device in their hands, Gen Alpha are nonetheless showing signs of being the ‘new old fashioneds’ with a return to ‘playing out’ and valuing family time.

Rather than being hooked to a screen in their bedrooms, Gen Alpha has a new tech-enabled freedom which empowers them to get out and about channeling their natural curiosity and using screens to learn about good old fashioned playing out.

They are being encouraged to get back to nature by their millennial parents – perhaps as a reaction against their own more cosseted upbringing.

They like to play outdoors rather than inside and are encouraged to play independently and ‘go their own way’ while developing interests in ‘old fashioned’ activities like foraging, bushcraft, treehouse-making and den-building.

Gen Alpha still enjoys playing outside often (47%) with nearly a third preferring to play outside ‘all the time’ rather than watching other kids playing with toys on YouTube (29% vs 19%).

Gen Alpha is tech-empowered, not tech-dependent. Unlike selfie and app-addicted millennials, almost half (48%) of Gen Alpha kids often spend time away from devices and tech, compared with just 29% of their older siblings Gen Z. The activities they’re interested in are more reminiscent of their grandparents than by their parents, with more Gen Alpha kids (42%) enjoying handicraft activities like knitting and crochet than Gen Z kids (32%).

Parents’ concern about kids spending too long on screens is understandable, but the research shows 98% are still playing outside, and nearly three quarters (72%) are still climbing trees.

Gen Alpha very comfortably straddles the online and the natural world and more highly value time spent with the family and the older generations than their older sblings – reconnecting generations in a way that was recently less common. Sixty-two per cent of Gen Alphas are spending time with older people (i.e. grandparents) every week.


Gen Alpha look set to be the ‘architechs’ of a new found tech-enabled creativity.

The study found that 86% of Gen Alpha kids enjoy designing, making and building things and their specific interests are encouraging reading for creative and tech industries:

– Over half (55%) enjoy making creative videos
– 47% of Gen Alpha enjoy tinkering with electronics
– Two thirds like creating new worlds digitally
– Four in ten (43%) enjoy robotics
– Over a third (36%) enjoy computer coding

Gen Alpha has the potential to be creative entrepreneurs, valuing talent and skills and having the vision to translate creativity into business realities. Over half of Gen Alphas believe they could make a career out of their hobby, and 60% of their parents agree. Amazingly, a fifth are already making money from their hobbies.

With unfettered access to information, and a natural interest in this tech-empowered creativity, this will potentially be the generation which spawns the next Elon Musks before they even leave school – which businesses and universities should be thinking about how to harness.


From school strikes to protesting against single use plastics, Gen Alpha kids are the new activists in the home. They question everything from stereotypes on gender to climate change denial.

Kids are known for pester power – but their influence is no longer defined by the scream for a chocolate bar at the supermarket checkout. The recent kids’ protests over the environment shows the direction Gen Alpha seems to be heading, and one in five of those aged between 5-9 have already been on a march or protest for something they care about. No doubt supported by their parents, almost half of whom support their children speaking out.

Kids are significant influencers in their own homes – across everything from choice of car to holiday destination to the weekly shop. And increasingly, Gen Alpha kids are being guided by their moral compass to focus on ‘pestering’ for good. Beano for Brands’ previous research showed that 40% of 6-14 year olds visiting Beano.com feel it’s their responsibility to save the planet.


Gen Alpha are the first generation to judge people by who they are, not what they are.

Gen Alpha girls are encouraged to reject narrow gender stereotypes of themselves as ‘princesses’ and ‘dreamers’ – to take inspiration instead from rebellious and capable women across cultures and history, to aspire towards athleticism and STEM accomplishments, and to reimagine girlhood as something empowering and liberating.

Gen Alpha has moved on from a binary rejection of pink for girls into a post-stereotype mindset – perhaps summed up best by the attitude ‘I can wear pink AND play football’. This is supported by their parents, 6 in 10 of whom agree that inclusive product ranges are important. Yet there’s a distinct gap in attitude towards gender itself between parents and their Gen Alpha kids, with 32% of parents feeling their child’s gender doesn’t matter, compared to 58% of kids.

Will Gen Alpha be the generation of Rebel Girls and Lost Boys?

While parents of girls are more likely to agree they don’t want their child limited by their gender, parents of boys are showing a generational difference from Gen Z boys to Gen Alpha, with a +8% shift, suggesting parents are becoming increasingly keen boys aren’t left behind.

This concern is reflected by the children themselves, with 66% of girls agreeing their gender is not important, but only half of boys, indicating that gender does matter to boys more and reflecting a wider debate about the role of boys in today’s society.

Finally, the study suggests Gen Alpha will form, project and take pride in social identities based on their own individual feelings, thoughts and interests as opposed to those dictated to them by external forces.

Already, older Gen Alphas are using social engagement and activism to critique the political status quo. The report shows that 19% of Gen Alpha have taken part in a march or protest on an issue they care about.

This activism is inspired in part by Gen Alpha and Gen Z parents, who believe it is important that children are encouraged to speak out and stand up for what they believe in.

About Beano for Brands:

Beano for Brands is a kid first consultancy for brands wanting to engage with older kids, Generation Alpha and their parents.

Beano Studios is a rebellious content business, driven by insight and data, which creates, curates and delivers entertainment for kids of all ages worldwide. The Studio produces diverse entertainment across multiple destinations; including TV, digital content, theatrical projects, consumer products, plus the legendary comic and annual.

The multi award-winning Beano.com is the UK’s fastest growing kid’s entertainment site, with 5M monthly reach across the Beano network.

Beano Studios’ International Emmy nominated Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! has now landed on Netflix in the US after becoming the CBBC’s highest rated animation at launch and sold across Europe. In 2018 SO Beano!, a presenter-led entertainment show inspired by the hottest trends and most loved content on Beano.com, launched on Sky Kids.

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Brexit Bus billboards hit the streets ahead of Channel Four drama

Posted on January 7th, 2019 in Taylor Herring News.

Channel 4 have unveiled their own ‘Brexit Bus’ this morning ahead of tonight’s airing of Brexit: The Uncivil War, a new drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Styled to mimic the infamous Vote Leave campaign coach – the vehicle bears a new slogan – ‘Take back the remote control’.

The campaign was unveiled in Westminster as part of a tour that takes in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Cardiff, Bristol and Reading.

The campaign was designed and executed by creative PR agency Taylor Herring.

To mark the launch of the new film, the broadcaster also commissioned an exclusive study into the national conversation about Brexit and obtained data from Twitter revealing just how much it has dominated our thoughts since the referendum.

Research reveals that Brits can’t avoid Brexit, as we have over 92 million conversations about it every 24 hours, while the term ‘Brexit’ is heard more than 507 million times a day in the UK.

New figures from Twitter show there have been 180 million tweets globally mentioning Brexit since the beginning of January 2016 – but only two thirds of those have come from the UK.

Channel 4’s new film stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Leave campaign director Dominic Cummings, telling the new story of how the campaign ran behind the scenes.

Brexit: The Uncivil War airs on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm


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London Luton Airport stage spectacular Christmas lights show on plane

Posted on December 17th, 2018 in Taylor Herring News.

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NEWS! Hundreds of people at London Luton Airport were treated to a spectacular festive surprise, as they witnessed the world’s first Christmas light show to feature a 120ft aircraft.

easyJet provided an A320 Airbus to airport ground staff who created the spectacular festive experience by wrapping the aircraft with Christmas lights.

The lightshow left the audience in awe, as they observed the Christmas light switch-on, as festive projections and lights synced to the sound of a contemporary remix of Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Over 850,000 choreographed light sequences and 1.5 miles of LED micro bulbs were used to create the unique Christmas switch-on.

The team of 10 special effects artists and lighting designers, spent four weeks working to design and create the light show ahead of the big reveal.

London Luton Airport and Europe’s leading airline easyJet, collaborated to bring Christmas cheer to hundreds of airport staff who have been involved in the expansive, three-year redevelopment of the airport, which increases the annual capacity of the airport to 18 million passengers by 2020.

The £160 million regeneration project will add £1 billion to the UK economy and an extra 10,000 jobs by 2030. The Christmas light show is part of the airport’s 80th anniversary year celebrations.

Local children from Chantry Primary Academy and Whitefield Primary School were invited to the big unveil, as 9-year-old Maddy Simonite kicked off the festive display by switching on the lights for the first time. Maddy Simonite, said: “Switching on the lights made me feel like I started Christmas! I’ve been to see the Oxford Street Christmas lights but this was ten times better!”

Airport ground staff painstakingly covered easyJet’s 5,000sq metre aircraft hangar in Christmas lights and decorations. The team were given just 24 hours to create the festive transformation ahead of a grand reveal to an audience who watched the stunning moment a 120ft aircraft was illuminated in light.

The festive surprise took place as easyJet and London Luton Airport prepare for one of its busiest Christmas getaways. Over three and half million passengers will be taking to the skies with easyJet to be reunited with loved ones this Christmas.

Neil Thompson, Operations Director, London Luton Airport said: “As we reach the end of our redevelopment – the largest in the airports 80-year history – we wanted to extend a huge thank you to staff and customers and give them a special Christmas gift. Our team were given just 24 hours to dress an entire aircraft hangar and easyJet A320 Airbus plane before guests were treated to a dramatic Christmas lights switch on.”

Tina Milton, Director of Cabin Services, easyJet said: “Most people who work in a regular office get to partake in festive decorating, so we laid down the challenge to ground crew to create the most spectacular light show featuring a plane. We were delighted to work with London Luton Airport to help get the festive feeling started amongst our staff and the local community in Luton.”

Agency: Taylor Herring 

2018: A rewind on our year

Posted on December 15th, 2018 in Taylor Herring News.

It’s been quite a year for us at TH Towers.

Actually a vintage one.

We created campaigns that crashed social media timelines, captured imaginations and delivered commercial success for our client partners.

Here’s a round up of some of the highlights;


We launched our new production company St Marks Studios – and over the course of this year have produced over 100+ films ranging from primetime TV ads to engaging Instagram content.


On Valentine’s Day, we helped Greggs open its doors for couples to enjoy a romantic, candlelit dinner in its shops for the very first time.


Reworkings of classic love stories by Jane Austen, Emily Brontë and Thomas Hardy illustrated how digital communication could have ruined romance. We worked with TV channel Drama to update some classic romance novels ahead of its Romantic Sundays season.


We relaunched PR Examples – now the UK’s biggest PR blog and creative resource – capturing the very best in head-turning brand activations from across the globe.

Have a read of our Top 40 Campaigns Of The Year.



We bagged 5 gongs at the prestigious PR Moment Awards – including two for our Greggs work.



To launch Westworld on Sky we handed the marketing to an ultra-realistic droid – unleashing the world’s first robot influencer campaign.

The production process involved developing hundreds of thousands of lines of computer code and designing a sophisticated metal skeleton, acrylic eyes and silicone skin to bring ‘Fred’ to life.


We activated a series of events and initiatives across the year to mark Beano’s 80th anniversary.

These included a collaboration with pop-art icon Horace Panter, a retail partnership with Stella McCartney and having David Walliams guest edit the birthday issue.

As part of our on ongoing press office work we posted a cease and desist letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg MP requesting that he stop impersonating the Beano’s much-loved character Walter or face a legal showdown on the matter.

This was the magic moment he was confronted by BBC News.

The stunt went viral and #waltergate trended on social channels. With over 400 million impressions on Twitter, Beano.com saw a 48% uplift in visits during the campaign period – a new record for the site.

1.86 million copies of Beano were sold in 2017 with latest figures showing a 7.9% year-on-year increase in sales.

With peak British wedding season approaching, the race down the aisle started early for some couples.

40 brides and grooms, in full wedding attire, dashed through London ahead of first ever ‘Pimm’s Spritz Wedding Dash’ competition, all hoping to win their dream wedding bash.

As Pimm’s lead creative agency we also created a series of playful new visual identities that were formatted for use on digital outdoor sites as well as social channels.

Pimm’s has enjoyed double digit growth this year.


We worked with the team at UKTV to create a bite-sized series of parody promos called ‘Geek Island’, to promote UKTV Play’s documentary line-up.


Millions of TV sets across the UK appeared to turn themselves off as part of a world-first marketing campaign for Samsung which showcased the evolution of television and its role within our homes.

Our disruptive campaign launched with a 20-second advert designed to trick viewers into thinking their devices have been turned off leaving nothing but a blank screen.

The multi-channel, multi-network takeover saw televisions ‘switching off’ during the ad breaks of some of Britain’s most popular shows including Coronation Street (ITV) and First Dates (C4).

The campaign was activated via 221 TV spots across 18 channels reaching an estimated 49 Million viewers and experiential activations.

Our campaign assets were used in 11 other countries across Western Europe.


Along with winning the ‘New Product Launch Strategy of the Year’ and ‘PR Strategy of the Year’, Taylor Herring was awarded the highest accolade at the Drum Marketing Awards — the Grand Prix.


A study into child literacy revealed that, almost four in ten parents (38%) said their child has fewer than 10 books at home.

The research led to our development of a European-wide initiative for easyJet to encourage children to get hooked on a book at the start of the Summer holidays.

300 ‘Flybraries’ (flying libraries) took off stocked with 17,500 children’s books translated in seven languages.

The work won the praise of the Schools Minister, the National Literacy Trust and was awarded Travel Campaign Of The Year at the PR Week Awards


We devised a fun new initiative to bring relief to the residents of Ascot following a spate of alcohol-fuelled brawls at race meetings.

Paddy Power’s ‘Drunk Tank’ service provided temporary accommodation for up to 50 racing fans to sleep off the booze in clear-sided 6 x 2 metre container mounted on a lorry.


We teamed up with W Communications and media partner PR Week to stage the inaugural PR Lions Fringe event at Cannes Lions.


Dreaming up award-winning campaigns takes time. A lot of time.

Could we automate creativity? 

We wondered will there be a future where maybe, just maybe, you could deliver ideas at the touch of a button?

We built a AI programme to do just that.

[Warning: Contains silly content]


To launch Greggs‘ new Summer menu we surprised gourmets by serving up lunch under the guise of an artisan delicatessen at a top London food festival.

Over 2.5 million views across Greggs social channels and tonne of coverage.

Sales of the featured products rose by 250% in the fortnight following the launch


An amateur football team from London were left speechless when legends Rio Ferdinand, Michael Ballack, Michel Salgado and Rivaldo were substituted onto the pitch to play against them during a local five-a-side match.

Our hidden cameras captured the moment when Betfair’s footballing royalty turned up to hand out a master-class in ‘the beautiful game’.


Hammerheads, blacktips and sand tiger sharks could be heading to UK shores and may inhabit our coastal waters in the next 30 years according to new research undertaken for Sharkfest on Nat Geo WILD.

With the rise of sea temperatures and the impact of climate change we could see non-indigenous species of sharks from the Mediterranean making their way to the British coastline by 2050.


Model Daisy Lowe fronted our campaign to celebrate the launch of the Samsung QLED TV, which can seamlessly blend into the background through its unique Ambient Mode functionality.


We crowned the winner of the eleventh annual Dave’s Funniest Joke of the Fringe award.

Adam Rowe’s witticism about the irony of being fired from a job centre was voted the winner: “Working at the JobCentre has to be a tense job – knowing that if you get fired, you still have to come in the next day.”


The Isle of Skye’s Fairy Pools were named the most romantic place in the UK, while Grasmere in the Lake District and the city of Bath complete the top three, in a new study celebrating the destinations for passion.

Beautiful views and a touch of luxury are named as the ingredients to spark the right mood for love in a study of 2,000 people commissioned for romance experts Mills & Boon.


We launched a national campaign to inspire more girls to become airline pilots.

Our research found that girls were less motivated to become pilots than boys during childhood and this misconception isn’t helped by Hollywood producers who have a habit of always putting male actors in the cockpit.

As a direct result of the campaign the airline has hired more than 50 women pilots this year reaching a key milestone in its goal to have 20 per cent of new pilots to be women by 2020.


Two of the world’s most famous male statues were spectacularly reimagined as modern domestic demigods in our latest campaign for Samsung domestic appliances.

The figures feature in a COOH campaign that featured near-identical versions of the original masterpieces bar a few unmissable, cheeky tweaks.


We helped Fanta launch two new flavours with an influencer campaign and in-store activation that’s racked up over 1.75 Million views

Fanta Pink Grapefruit and Blood Orange Available Now

Scaring innocent shoppers isn’t their day job, but at Halloween they make an exception 😂😂
Watch as Flavour Election winners Joe Tasker and Jahannah James add a bit of flavour to their shop!
Our NEW Pink Grapefruit Zero and Blood Orange Zero are available NOW in limited edition Halloween packs 🎃

Posted by Fanta on Monday, 1 October 2018


Taylor Herring swept the board at the prestigious PRWeek UK Awards, which took place at London’s Grosvenor House.

We won 10 campaign awards and commendations.


Londoners were stunned to witness what appeared to be an angry Orangutan on the loose and clinging to a Christmas tree on London’s South Bank.

The animatronic ape was part of supermarket chain Iceland’s Christmas campaign to highlight the retailer offering the choice of Christmas without palm oil.


As part of our ongoing work for Coca-Cola we oversaw the Pan European launch of their Christmas 2019 campaign.

The Kingdom Choir, Camélia Jordana and Namika re-recorded the festive classic ‘Holidays Are Coming’.


In the Spring we launched a new weekend ITV show hosted by Zoe Ball (Zoe Ball on Saturday and Sunday) – which included the return of a book club to our TV screens. The campaign culminated in the Specsavers National Book Awards special which celebrated the best and brightest of the UK literary scene.


Taylor Herring won the night at the PRCA Awards scooping six awards – in automotive, consumer, CSR, technology and campaign of the year – taking our total 2018 awards haul to 29.


Former X-Factor star Louis Walsh fronts our new ad campaign for elf toy brand Elves Behavin’ Badly and a fleet of 40 branded trucks took to the roads.

Over the past three months we have boosted engagement by 3000% across the brand’s social feeds.


We helped Greggs launch a free gift wrapping service and stocking filler gift range to ensure the festive period is a joyful one for customers.


To bring some fun to the Christmas food shop, we helped supermarket chain Iceland trial a new concept – Shopping on Ice.


As part of a digital campaign for Sky Cinema we teamed up with YouTube sensation Cassetteboy to settle the age-old festive debate as to whether cult action classic Die Hard is a Christmas film or not.


Hundreds of people at London Luton Airport were treated to a spectacular festive surprise, as they witnessed the world’s first Christmas light show to feature a 120ft aircraft.

Over 850,000 choreographed light sequences and 1.5 miles of LED micro bulbs were used to create the unique Christmas switch-on

How can we help you? Please get in touch.

by James Herring

Yippee Ki-Yule! Sky Cinema team up with Cassetteboy to prove Die Hard is a Christmas Film

Posted on December 12th, 2018 in Taylor Herring News.

Download video free for editorial use only here

NEWS! YouTube sensation Cassetteboy is settling the age-old festive debate as to whether cult action classic Die Hard is a Christmas film or not.

On Die Hard’s 30th anniversary, the cut ‘n’ paste remix artists have re-edited the 1988 film into a ‘12 Days of Christmas’ jingle, proving the film is a festive flick, with the evidence all found in the script.

The project was specially commissioned by Sky Cinema to celebrate Die Hard landing exclusively on the service from December 1st.

As part of the campaign to confirm the film’s Christmas roots, Sky Cinema also created a poll online offering people across the world the opportunity to vote, to help settle the biggest debate of the year – www.isdiehardachristmasfilm.com

The campaign was delivered by creative PR agency Taylor Herring.

The new video by Cassetteboy opens on main character Jon McClane checking into the Nakatomi Plaza, only to frustratingly be asked by the computer whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

The piece then kicks off into the ’12 Days of Christmas as told by Die Hard’, showcasing the scenes throughout the film that prove its festive heritage.

The movie’s writer Steven E. de Souza confirmed on Twitter to a journalist in 2017, that the film was in fact a traditional festive film whilst lead actor Bruce Willis strongly declared this year that it’s not a Christmas movie and is merely set on Christmas Eve.

In two separate articles, Empire magazine and Forbes magazine both voted Die Hard as the greatest Christmas movie ever, beating the likes of It’s a Wonderful Life, Home Alone, The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Trading Places.

Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Cinema said: “I don’t know why we even debate this every year. Die Hard is the biggest Christmas movie of all time. The proof is all in the script”


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