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Put your phones down! Will Ferrell stars in #DeviceFreeDinner: A series of ad spots we can all relate to

Posted on October 20th, 2017 in brand PR,Celebrity PR,Charity PR,Comedy,Consumer PR,Online PR,PR Stunt,Stunt Of The Day.

We are all guilty of looking at our phones when we shouldn’t be. Perhaps glancing at our messages when crossing the road, or endlessly scrolling through our Instagram feeds at the dinner table. Well, in order to stem this uncouth trend, US non-profit organisation Common Sense have teamed up with Will Ferrell in a new ad campaign aiming to take our phones OFF the table. In other words, the campaign intends to highlight the negative impact that using smart phones can have on children.

The ad series presents Will Ferrell as a phone obsessed dad who is absent from the dinner conversation at his family meal while he lingers over snapchat filters and liking Instagram posts. For example, in one instance, Will Ferrell (the dad) is seen to be obsessing over cat filters on snapchat after his three children emotionally declare how much they miss him. The advert plays on funny, and to be honest slightly dark, humour in order to highlight how our phones are increasingly intruding on family life.

Seeing as we have all experienced this at some point (whether being irritated by someone else distracted by their phone, or being that annoying person ourselves…) I think this ad is expertly relatable. So, let’s take this as a lesson to live more in the moment and take our phones OFF the table!


Love Island’s Chris bottles his tears for Mental Health Awareness Day

Posted on October 10th, 2017 in brand PR,Charity PR,Consumer PR,Experiential Marketing,Fashion PR,Influencer PR,PR Stunt,Stunt Of The Day.

There were a lot of bemused and confused faces when news broke yesterday that Love Island’s Chris was launching his own range of bottled water infused with his own tears. Standing in nothing but some TOPMAN branded skivvies the minimalistic released images certainly were attention grabbing and only added to the mystery.

Twenty four hours later and the purpose has now become clear armed with a very poignant message at that . This morning Chris along with CALM and TOPMAN announced their combined #DontBottleItUp campaign devised by BMB and W Communications for this year’s World Mental Health Awareness Day. As many people are sadly aware, poor mental health is becoming an ever increasing problem in our society; with men finding it particularly hard to open up about issues they face. According to CALM’s research 84% of UK men say that they bottle up their emotions rather than confiding in others when they are struggling and this, as we have seen time and time again can have fatal consequences.

At the launch event Chris said “Yesterday everyone was shocked that I had literally bottled my emotions in a water bottle infused with my tears and as the L’Eau de Chris name suggested, doing that would have been ludicrous; yet this is what men across the UK are doing every single day. What’s really ludicrous is that suicide is still the single biggest killer of young men in the UK. We live in a culture that encourages men to ‘man up’ and bottle things up. That’s why I’ve become an Ambassador for CALM and why together with TOPMAN we want to show men across the UK that it’s okay to open up instead of bottling it up.”

To raise money for the suicide prevention charity CALM they are auctioning off the limited L’Eau de Chris bottles in conjunction with TOPMAN donating £2 from every pack of TOPMAN boxers sold between now and the 31st October.

Now that will bring a happy tear to any eye.


Who said video games aren’t educational! Assassin’s Creed Origins adds combat free mode for those who just want to learn

Posted on September 28th, 2017 in Games PR,History PR,PR Stunt,Stunt Of The Day.

There has been a long and ongoing argument between gamers and non-gamers over the implications of violence in titles with teenagers and young people as well as even further discussions on the benefits in playing video games in general. Many parents lament the time spent in front of the screen, levelling up characters and getting lost in a virtual world as opposed to spending time in reality.

So for a game with a pretext for violence in its very title, unaware consumers may be somewhat forgiven for thinking that this is all there is to Assassin’s Creed. However as anyone who has played any of the instalments of this global franchise knows; violence is simply a means to an end within the game and the immersion within historical periods with true to life locations and inbuilt facts are just as much a cornerstone to the series as simply killing a Templar or two (or thousand).

As you explore the huge worlds from past games you get a sense of the effort that has gone into faithfully re-creating famous landmarks and areas from renaissance Venice to revolutionary Paris. You are given the unique ability to interact with well-rounded and researched representations of key figures in history such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Blackbeard. Each building of note also has snippets of information upon your approach and the characters inhabiting the world all have detailed biographies outlining their real achievements during their lifetimes giving real insight to the world you inhabit.

Developed in collaboration with experts and historians Assassin’s Creed has always been so much more than just a game where you kill a lot of enemies with hidden blades; it is a portal into history itself albeit modified to include fantastical side elements fitting with the plot of the game.

So with this latest instalment taking place in Ancient Egypt, a favourite topic for many youngsters, they have taken this notion of education to a whole new level and created a mode just for those who simply want to soak up the knowledge of the time by removing all combat so you can explore in peace.

You can walk through the world as a virtual museum visiting sites such as Giza and Abu Simbel and most importantly get an idea of what they looked like in Ancient times, bringing history to life through a new, thoroughly modern medium.

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Insomnia keeping ewe up? This 8 hour film takes counting sheep to a whole new level

Posted on September 27th, 2017 in Comedy,Consumer PR,Experiential Marketing,FMCG,Leisure PR,PR Stunt,Stunt Of The Day.

Is this the dullest movie ever? Well I suppose that depends on your views of sheep doing their own thing for 8 hours… in slow motion.

So yes, it is probably at least in the running for the award but the producers of this cinematic experience over at are more than happy with this – they even put it on the promotional posters!

The aptly named “Baa Baa Land” which premiered at the Prince Charles Cinema last night is a gloriously bizarre example of Slow Cinema; an artistic sub-genre which is exactly as it sounds! Previous examples have ranged from capturing the ongoing point of view of a train driver to hours of literally nothing but paint drying.

It may be a far cry from the money making blockbusters and action flicks dominating cinema these days and it can certainly be described as niche but it has its own special purpose. With so many working at 90 miles per hour rushing from job to job, Slow Cinema is there to give your brain that well needed rest with some low impact entertainment designed to barely hold your attention. And for those with insomnia – good news! It may even help you drift off from sheer boredom. You can check out the rather endearing trailer below:

So if you find yourself still awake at 4am, grab yourself a copy and do as the age old saying goes and count sheep with Baa Baa Land!

Of course, dear insomniacs, if sheep simply aren’t your thing we’ve got you covered! You can instead listen to the glorious white noise of Easyjet’s engines to send you off to the land of nod with their charity single Jet Sounds – did we mention all proceeds go to The Children’s Sleep Charity? Either way sleep well!

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LL Bean is offering New York an invitation to the world’s most inclusive club; but only if you step outside

Posted on September 26th, 2017 in Fashion PR,PR Stunt,Stunt Of The Day.

LL Bean, an outdoor apparel retailer, has delivered a message to New York Times readers that is invisible unless exposed to natural sunlight.  By using photochromic ink (only visible when exposed to UV light), LL Bean’s letter reads only ‘just bring this outside’ when viewed inside, however, when brought outdoors, it reveals a manifesto encouraging readers to embrace the outdoors this autumn.

The letter reads:

Welcome to the outside

Where there are no strangers

Only friends you haven’t met yet

Where days have names

Like beach, snow and bluebird

And where the smell of a campfire

Means you are in the correct place.

You don’t need a passport to come here

An invitation to play here

Or a membership to be here.

Just step outside your front door and you’ve arrived.

You can forget your age, your worries, even your bathing suit.

Just don’t forget to bring your friends.

It doesn’t matter where you came from

Only that you come often.

So wherever you are, join us.

Because on the insider, we’re all outsiders.

And if it’s outside, we’re all in.

Be an outsider.


Using the slogan ‘Be an Outsider’ the ad was designed by the VIA agency and is an invitation for readers to join a club where everyone is welcome: the outdoors.  So in the immortal words of Auntie Mabel and Pippin the dog: “Come outside!”