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Who said video games aren’t educational! Assassin’s Creed Origins adds combat free mode for those who just want to learn

Posted on September 28th, 2017 in Games PR,History PR,PR Stunt,Stunt Of The Day.

There has been a long and ongoing argument between gamers and non-gamers over the implications of violence in titles with teenagers and young people as well as even further discussions on the benefits in playing video games in general. Many parents lament the time spent in front of the screen, levelling up characters and getting lost in a virtual world as opposed to spending time in reality.

So for a game with a pretext for violence in its very title, unaware consumers may be somewhat forgiven for thinking that this is all there is to Assassin’s Creed. However as anyone who has played any of the instalments of this global franchise knows; violence is simply a means to an end within the game and the immersion within historical periods with true to life locations and inbuilt facts are just as much a cornerstone to the series as simply killing a Templar or two (or thousand).

As you explore the huge worlds from past games you get a sense of the effort that has gone into faithfully re-creating famous landmarks and areas from renaissance Venice to revolutionary Paris. You are given the unique ability to interact with well-rounded and researched representations of key figures in history such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Blackbeard. Each building of note also has snippets of information upon your approach and the characters inhabiting the world all have detailed biographies outlining their real achievements during their lifetimes giving real insight to the world you inhabit.

Developed in collaboration with experts and historians Assassin’s Creed has always been so much more than just a game where you kill a lot of enemies with hidden blades; it is a portal into history itself albeit modified to include fantastical side elements fitting with the plot of the game.

So with this latest instalment taking place in Ancient Egypt, a favourite topic for many youngsters, they have taken this notion of education to a whole new level and created a mode just for those who simply want to soak up the knowledge of the time by removing all combat so you can explore in peace.

You can walk through the world as a virtual museum visiting sites such as Giza and Abu Simbel and most importantly get an idea of what they looked like in Ancient times, bringing history to life through a new, thoroughly modern medium.

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Temporary Melting Soldier installation erected as symbol of remembrance for those who fought at Passchendaele

Posted on July 28th, 2017 in Arts PR,Consumer PR,History PR,PR Stunt,Stunt Of The Day,Tourism PR.

The Battle of Passchendaele during World War 1 has been etched in the history books as a four month long atrocity filled with horror, pain and an unprecedented loss of human life. Around 2,100 British soldiers died each day, equating to 475,000 British and German soldiers in total, with 90,000 bodies never being identified and 42,000 bodies never even being recovered over the 105 days of the battle. Soldiers battled through awful conditions, with immense and devastating amounts of swamp-like mud which itself claimed many lives alongside the warfare that was going on, sunk full-size tanks and drowned cavalry.


‘The Melting Soldier’ statue in Trafalgar Square is intended as a reminder to us all of this tragedy and the conditions that the young men had to endure in what was for many, their final days. . Organised by Visit Flanders tourist agency,it is a temporary figure constructed entirely of mud and sand  and the statue’s subjection to the natural elements means that it is slowly melting away before the public’s eyes.


The statue’s artist Damien van der Velden said this is intended to reflect ‘the emotional or exhausting feeling that the solider has to have at that moment (of war).’ The installation provides a poignant reflection on the devastation of this battle and of war in general. The placement of ‘The Melting Soldier’ in such an iconic location means the message of the statue reaches far and wide and provides important food for thought, as well as a fitting tribute to those who died serving our country.

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Burberry enlist all-star cast for newest Christmas campaign

Posted on November 1st, 2016 in Fashion PR,History PR,stuff we liked,Stunt Of The Day.

As Halloween ends and Christmas descends rapidly upon us, it seems only right that Burberry kick off the festive season with their latest star-studded campaign. The British heritage brand have released a 3-minute film trailer entitled ‘The Tale of Thomas Burberry’, celebrating the life of the Burberry founder and starring a host of celebrities including Sienna Miller, Lily James, Domhnall Gleeson and Dominic West.


“This Christmas, as we celebrate our 160th anniversary we wanted to tell the story of Thomas Burberry – pioneer, inventor, innovator, and the man behind the iconic trench coat – in our own words,” said Burberry chief creative and chief executive officer, Christopher Bailey. ‘The film we have made is a brief glimpse inspired by his full and extraordinary life, which threaded its way through the history of the twentieth century in all its tumultuous highs and lows.’

Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson takes the lead role, with Sienna Miller playing his first fictional love. The film focuses particularly on the role Burberry played in creating ground-breaking fabrics which would be used by the military, in aviation and by Arctic explorers, particularly revered for their waterproof yet comfortable qualities.

The short was written by Academy Award-nominated Matt Charman and directed by Academy Award-winning Asif Kapadia. Watch the video for yourself below:

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Great Fire of London 350th Anniversary

Posted on September 6th, 2016 in Arts PR,Attraction PR,History PR,stuff we liked,Stunt Of The Day.

This weekend saw London mark the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London, featuring burning a 120-metre-long model and 4 miles of collapsing dominoes.

fire of london

Over 500 volunteers meticulously placed 23,000 breeze blocks throughout London, starting from Monument and making its way through the Gherkin, St. Pauls and finally bursting into flames at Barbican. The excitement was contagious, as Londoners and tourists followed the dominoes through the cities gardens, markets and even churches.


Continuing to mark the commemorative date, a sculpture of 17th century London was lit as crowds gathered on the Thames to watch the flames. The festivities continue at the Museum of London, where themed walks, tours and workshops will take place.

#WeAreHere: ‘Soldiers’ across the country gather to pay respect

Posted on July 6th, 2016 in History PR,stuff we liked,Stunt Of The Day.

This week marks 100 years since thousands of soldiers sadly lost their lives on the Somme battlefield to fight the German Empire.


Those who were lost were remembered by hundreds of men across the country in a powerful tribute, which saw them gather at train stations suited up in replica WW1 military uniforms. The moving living memorial created by Jeremy Deller a Turner prize-winning artist, saw men silently hand out business cards on which printed are the names of those who died at the Somme, the battalion in which they fought, the date of their death and their age.

Volunteers from theatre companies across the UK broke into renditions of ‘We’re Here Because We’re Here, sung in the Allied trenches to the tune of Auld Lang Syne.


Commuters have been stopped in their tracks by the theatrical performance and have been using the hashtag #WeAreHere, throughout the morning to share their pictures of the young ‘soldiers’. Further pictures and videos clips are collated at the website Because We Are Here.

Twitter user Mar Dixon, commented: “I can’t tell you how powerful it is seeing them leave – probably knowing they aren’t coming back.”. Celebrities such as Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow and comedian Dawn French, have also commented on the heart-warming act.


In a time when we’re faced with uncertainty, this haunting and thought provoking tribute should hopefully bring us together across the country, so that we can remember those who lost their lives on this tragic day.

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