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A-maze Dyson and get a job!.

Dyson is officially hunting for new talent: the British technology company announced the recruitment of 110 new software engineers. To be hired, there is only one condition: escape “The Smart Rooms” safe and sound .

The Smart Rooms is a series of cryptic software-based encoded puzzles projected onto the walls. They can be solved in teams, or individually. Each room is testing a skill Dyson is looking for in a prospective employee: tenacity, creativity, technical and problem solving expertise. The challenge is similar to “The Crystal Maze”: candidates have to solve the first room to access the second one. The only difference here is that they are not physically moving, everything happens on a screen.


“Dyson’s ambitions are enormous. The Smart Rooms have been designed to reward those willing to relentlessly question convention, to find new solutions for everyday problems. Only the bold need apply.” said Max Conze, CEO of Dyson since 2011.

Interested? This pop-up challenge will start on the 4th and 5th of February. As for the location… well I might need your help – indeed, to find out where the challenge takes place, contestants need to first find the access code in the video below, and submit it before 25th January.

For now, I can only tell you it will be in London, but nothing more I’m afraid. Which is a shame, I could really use the 360 Eye vacuum cleaner the winner will receive, signed by James Dyson himself.


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