Home Entertainment

creating and delivering stand-out coverage

With a unique, creatively driven approach our home entertainment team has delivered best-selling status for dozens of titles across a diverse range of genres from indie comedy, arts and drama to blockbuster Hollywood hits.

Our services include talent junkets, media set visists, assets placement and creative content production.

We have handled multiple titles for distributors such as 4DVD, 20th Century Fox, blinkbox, Eone, Fox, HBO, Warner Bros and Walt Disney Studios.

Here's how we launched recent seasons of Game Of Thrones.

A giant dragon skull is discovered on a Dorset beach.

A barking homage to the cast of characters of Westeros.

A themed wedding for two very lucky fans.

To mark the launch of Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa we helped movie streaming service blinkbox treat the people of Norwich to a special Christmas lights switch on – with a giant SINGING illumination of the town’s most famous export.

Here's how we launched Star Trek Into Darkness at Westfield shopping centre.

Past titles include; Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, Sherlock – Game Of Shadows, Modern Family, Marley & Me, The Simpsons, Smallville, Horrible Bosses, Dynamo, Star Trek, The Superman Anthology, Toy Story, Alice in Wonderland, The Proposal, A Christmas Carol, Night At The Museum, Desperate Housewives, Lost, 24 Aliens v. Predator, Alvin and the Chipmunks, American Dad, Derren Brown, Family Guy, Fantastic Four, Frankie Boyle, Futurama, Hitman, Jimmy Carr, Jack Dee, Lee Evans, Max and Paddy’s Road To Nowhere, Mr Turner, My Name is Earl, Peep Show, Phoenix Nights, Prison Break, Professor Stephen Hawking & The History Of Everything, Shameless, Skins, Supernatural, The Inbetweeners,  and Up.

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