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The 2016 Trend Forecast with Michael Fish

Posted on December 14th, 2015 in Consumer PR,creative publicity,Stunt Of The Day,Taylor Herring News.

Former BBC weatherman Michael Fish is kicking up a storm with some fishy predictions for 2016.

Tackling trend forecasting for the year ahead Fish confidently predicting that goose GIFs will be ‘huge’ next year, that beards are over and that ‘bald’ is the hot new hipster hair trend for 2016.

The famous BBC meteorologist, now 71, also calls time on cocktails in jam jars, vaping and ‘Netflix and chill’ in a spoof trends video released by London creative agency Taylor Herring.

  • Beards are ‘OUT’ and bald is ‘IN’ according to forecasting veteran
  • Alphabet Spaghetti will be a hot new hipster restaurant trend next year
  • Apple will release the Apple jacket next year – ‘an iPad with sleeves’
  • “Taylor Herring asked me to come up with some well researched, scientifically justifiable predictions for social and media trends in 2016,” Michael said.

    “I was delighted to help. But having no experience in this field whatsoever I did the only thing I could. I made a lot of wild uneducated guesses. I found that predicting hipster restaurant trends wasn’t that different from tracking hurricanes. They are both filled with plenty of hot air.”

    In the film, the forecasting pro reveals what we can expect from 2016, making some surprising predictions about what will be the top trends.

    According to Fish, the huge popularity of pop-up restaurants in 2015 is only set to continue and we are in for a gastronomic treat with single-item menu restaurants offering cheese triangles, alphabet spaghetti and prawn cocktails expected to open in East London.

    Other predictions include ‘scratch and sniff’ making a return to print media, allowing for a more interactive news-reading experience. This will be coupled with a widespread adoption of the much-maligned font Comic Sans, says Fish.

    Further expectations include a nationwide technological about-turn with the VHS set to make a comeback as digital formats are rejected for retro alternatives. And perhaps most surprisingly, and to the detriment of Hipsters everywhere: “beards are out, bald is in.”

    Michael Fish’s top trend predictions:

    • Alphabet spaghetti theme restaurants – to become a hipster trend
    • Beards are out
    • ‘Bald’ is going to be absolutely massive
    • Goose GIFs will be huge
    • Widespread adoption of maligned font Comic Sans
    • Increase in ironic fondness for Jim Davidson in offensive pantomime
    • After the Apple Watch will come the Apple jacket – an iPad with sleeves
    • Scratch n’ sniff to make a return

    Taylor Herring has picked up 8 major industry awards this year – and is famous for producing branded content campaigns, viral videos and marketing stunts.

A Christmas surprise at KwikFit

Posted on November 17th, 2015 in Taylor Herring News,Viral Video PR.

LONDON, Tuesday 17th November: An unexpected trip to their local Kwik Fit turned into something truly magical for ten children in a new Christmas video that hit the internet today.

At the Whestone garage in North London, the children bumped into Santa Claus, his trusty reindeer and a present-stacked sleigh!

In the hidden-camera film, the kids gasp in astonishment as they realise that the jolly, bearded gentleman perusing a map of UK flight paths in the garage reception is in fact a VIP visitor from the North Pole.

Through the reception window they spy a vintage sleigh being checked by Kwik Fit technicians whilst Santa’s reindeer are grazing on bales of hay ahead of the long flight back to the North Pole.

The surprise is made complete when Santa unexpectedly addresses each child by name and then produces presents from the back of his sleigh. Each gift handed over was exactly what the children had requested from Santa in letters written earlier in the month.

“How does he know my name?” one child demands to know.

Another asks Santa; ‘How did you know what I wanted?’

“He’s Santa Claus, that’s why!” concludes one child.

Staff at Kwik Fit orchestrated the festive surprise for their customers’ children and with the help of their parents, gave Santa a hand in finding out what they really wanted for Christmas this year.

Kenji Murai, CEO of Kwik Fit (GB) Ltd, said: “We wanted to give our customers’ children an incredible treat in the lead up to Christmas. With help from Santa and his reindeer we gave the children a festive surprise as their parents had their cars serviced by our technicians. We had a sneak peek at the children’s letters to Santa and made sure they got everything they wished for. It’s not just Santa that will be making an epic trip this Christmas, people all over the country will be making journeys to see loved ones. We are launching our free winter safety check across our 620 centres nationwide, to ensure our customers are safe on the roads this Christmas.”

 Kwik Fit are offering Free Winter safety checks for customers this Christmas.

The campaign was devised and executed by Taylor Herring.



PR Week Awards – there’s no such thing as Tuesday Blues

Posted on October 23rd, 2015 in Stunt Of The Day,Taylor Herring News.

Award season is well and truly under way.

This is our second story – direct from The PR Week Awards at The Grosvenor.


Tuesday evening. And this time, we headed out as a pack.

Glammed to the nines, we left West London and headed central.

Ready, Raring…

En mass.


We took our seats at Table 38.

In case you don’t believe us, please see below –


And the night began!

Food, merriment and free selfie sticks punctuated the first half of the evening.

Then our campaign for Paddy Power – Hawking Talking received a high commendation for Best Use of Content!

Utterly brilliant!

But this was followed immediately by the big one –

The award for Best Use of Creativity, for which we had been nominated for our inner-city Polar Bear usage…

What’s that!?



Crack open that champagne! The evening is made!


Hang on…

Did they just say Fortitude again?


YES! We won Campaign of The Year!


So after all the excitement downstairs – what else to do but hit the dance floor?

And hit it we did. Hard.


Oh, and did we forget to say there was a photo taxi…with an in-built karaoke machine? Well, yes there was…

yourphoto (1)

Then the boys got involved…

yourphoto (2)

And weirdly so did Elijah Wood from Sin City…


Thanks so much to PR Week for a fantastic night! We are utterly thrilled – thank you!


Taylor Herring score a hat-trick at the Dream Awards

Posted on October 7th, 2015 in Taylor Herring News.

So Monday night was the first annual Dream Awards.


We arrived at The London Marriott Hotel, suited and booted (or at least we were once we’d done a cheeky shoe-change in reception), and as it was a Monday, fully determined that “tomorrow morning was Future Us’s problem.”

So, with our feet slightly less comfortable, we went in.

This is what happened…


Once we had tottered into the drinks reception (and watched a couple of thrifty attendees mine sweep some unattended glasses once the trays had been taken away – yes, we saw you, and we salute you), we hopped on the good foot and headed to table 26.

Then this happened. And literally no one understood.


The napkin was in fact a competition entry – draw something on it, tweet it in, winner announced after dinner. Done.

We chatted, we ate, we drank and we drew…


Turned out Shutterstock liked our ShhhhOtterStock sketch!

Not a bad start to the night.


The awards then began in earnest. Things were getting serious, and we had run out of wine.

We bought another bottle. Don’t worry.

Happily sipping away, awards were announced, people cheered, things were good. We then heard our first nomination over the speakers for PR: Event or Stunt

And this happened!


Back to the table. Cheers!

Thinking we were done, hair was well and truly let down. But it’s cool because we won’t be going on stage again…


Our second win, this time for Experiential: Live Events. Amazing! – In a state of shock, we had our photo taken with the suavest man in the room.

Two for two! Who’d have thunk?! And all for our work with this guy…

Utterly thrilled, we sat back down as horror washed over us – we had run out of wine again.

Went to the bar – all good. Phew.

Having what can only be described as a bloody good time, we reached the last award of the evening – the coveted 2015 Chairperson’s Award.

Hang on…




THANK YOU SO MU…sorry, you want me to what now?!


We stumbled through our massive thank you’s to The Drum, Sky Atlantic and Millennium FX, went back to our table, and celebrated a really fantastic evening!


Thanks guys! What a brilliant night!


Images (c) The Drum


Poohsticks – a game of luck or strategy?

Posted on August 26th, 2015 in Taylor Herring News.

Formula for the perfect Poohstick is revealed by leading scientist to celebrate new Winnie-the-Pooh Poohstickopedia book

  • Dr Rhys Morgan reveals the formula for the perfect Poohstick, disproving the 57% of Brits that believe it’s a game of luck
  • Top 12 Poohsticks-perfect bridges as recommended by VisitEngland, ahead of the August bank holiday
  • To celebrate the release of “The Poohsticks Handbook: A Poohstickopedia” featuring charming new Winnie-the-Pooh illustrations


More than half of Brits (57%) who believe Poohsticks is a game of luck have been proven wrong by a leading scientist as a brand new study puts the quintessential family game under the microscope and reveals it is in fact a game of skill and strategy!

The research, commissioned to celebrate the release of ‘The Poohsticks Handbook: A Poohstickopedia’ (Egmont Publishing), a humorous new book featuring Winnie-the-Pooh and friends written by comedy writer Mark Evans and illustrated by Mark Burgess, reveals the secrets to finding the ‘perfect Poohstick’ according to a leading scientist and names the best places in the country to play the traditional family game.

Egmont Publishing has joined forces with Dr Rhys Morgan (Royal Academy of Engineering) to equip the 39% of us who already take serious time sourcing the perfect Poohstick with the necessary formula to ensure we pick the speediest stick and float us to victory. This comes after a survey of 2,000 British parents also reveal that 41% of players even take the time to personalise their sticks to ensure they know exactly who wins.

Poohsticks first featured in The House at Pooh Corner, published in 1928, and has remained one of the nation’s favourite traditional games alongside Hide and Seek (52%) and It (33%). Poohsticks, which 25% vote as their favourite traditional game, is also revealed to be how 48% of British parents hope to ‘bridge’ the generational gap this summer by heading down to the river to play with their children. To celebrate this, VisitEngland has come up with the top 12 bridges for playing Poohsticks on across the UK.  And as the majority (87%) of parents reveal they’re keen to encourage their children to play outdoors, the list comes just in time for a fun-filled family August Bank Holiday this weekend.


The Perfect Poohstick:

Dr Rhys Morgan, Director of Engineering and Education at the Royal Academy of Engineering as well as a dad of two and avid Poohsticks player himself, has used his expertise to create a formula for the perfect Poohstick.  According to Dr Morgan, the main variables that need to be considered when designing the perfect Poohstick include: cross sectional area, density/buoyancy, and the ‘drag coefficient’.

PP (Perfect Poohstick) = A x ρ x Cd


The perfect Poohstick = tubby and long, fairly heavy (but not so heavy it will sink to the bottom of the river), with quite a lot of bark to catch the flow of the river like paddles

However, it turns out that only 11% of Brits naturally pick the right sort of stick, with a third of us (30%) heading straight for a long and thin stick, which according to Dr Morgan is only half right.

Parameters for the ‘control’ river

Dr Morgan outlined the parameters for a ‘control’ or ‘perfect’ river. This is rectangular, like a very long bath, and the flow of water is smooth, so the Poohstick would not have to contend with turbulence or whirlpools.

Cross Sectional Area (= A)

(length x width) The greater the area of an object, the more drag it creates. Normally, a large cross-sectional area decreases speed, however when it comes to Poohsticks, drag is key. If more water is able to influence the trajectory of the stick, it will accelerate more quickly. So when it comes to Poohsticks – the tubbier, the better!

Density (= ρ)

The density of the stick affects its position in the water. The fastest part of the stream is below the surface, so theoretically, a waterlogged stick which sinks a bit into in the middle of the stream will go faster than a stick which is floating right on the surface (where it could be slowed down by wind or other external variables).

Drag Coefficient (= Cd)

The drag coefficient describes the shape of stick and roughness of its surface. Generally, a rough stick will create more drag than a smooth stick, so in general, bark is good. However according to Dr Morgan, a certain roughness can make the stick ‘apparently’ smoother, similar to the effect created by dimples in golf balls, so choose carefully.

The Perfect Bridge:

The next step is to find the perfect bridge to put it to the test – VisitEngland has compiled a list of the best Poohsticks bridges across the country, alongside the original Poohsticks Bridge in Ashdown Forest (East Sussex).

Top 12 Poohsticks-Perfect Bridges, as recommended by VisitEngland

  1. Sheepwash Bridge, Ashford in the Water, Derbyshire
  2. Morden Hall Park, London
  3. Heale Gardens, Salisbury, Wiltshire
  4. Packhorse Bridge, Watendlath, Cumbria
  5. Mottisfont, Romsey, Hampshire
  6. Little Wittenham Bridge, Abingdon, Oxfordshire
  7. Mathematical Bridge, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
  8. New Lower Bridge, Boscastle, Cornwall
  9. Bridge over Bourne Eau, Bourne, Lincolnshire
  10. Cantlop Bridge, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
  11. Essex Bridge, Shugborough, Staffordshire
  12. Hutton-le-Hole, Ryedale, North York Moors National Park

The list includes bridges from all over the country, from Cumbria to Cornwall, which have been rated against a strict set of Poohsticks criteria*.

Rebecca Lowe, Head of PR at VisitEngland says: “Poohsticks is a timeless game. From its first mention in A.A. Milne’s 1928 classic, The House at Pooh Corner, to today, it remains a great way for families to spend time together and enjoy England’s great outdoors just like Pooh! Our recommendations of top Poohsticks bridges are just some of the great spots to enjoy the game across the country, and will hopefully encourage families to get out and engage in some friendly competition over the Bank Holiday weekend.”

Mark Evans, author of The Poohsticks Handbook, says: “As The Poohstickopedia summarises: ‘Poohsticks is a game of sticks and rivers and bridges and friends and fun’. But clearly you need more than that to fill a book so it’s also full of hints, tips and general Poohsticky advice (from warnings for Knights to the latest scientific advances in stick selection) as well as the history of the game and, most importantly, the rules – so that young players everywhere can make sure their elders and (supposedly) betters remain Poohsticks-legal and un-cheaty.”

There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition when it comes to family fun, with 42% of us only entering into a game with the express intention of winning and 43% of parents saying that they would never feign losing – it’s up to the river who wins!

Why not enjoy the fun created by Winnie-the-Pooh and friends in a game of Poohsticks this Bank Holiday weekend?  We would love to see your photos of your favourite Poohsticks bridge or your own personalised Poohsticks – share them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #Poohsticks!

‘The Poohsticks Handbook: A Poohstickopedia’ (Egmont Publishing) is available to buy from all good book retailers – a perfect gift for Winnie-the-Pooh fans of all ages.

For more information on the country’s top Poohsticks bridges, visit www.visitengland.com/poohsticks