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Our Favourite Top 5 Valentine’s Day 2017 Campaigns

Posted on February 14th, 2017 in brand PR,Consumer PR,Environmental PR,Food and Drink PR,Online PR,Retail PR,Roundup,Stunt Of The Day.

Each year people seek to find new ways to creatively express their love to each other on Valentine’s Day. In a world of overproduction, where it seems like everything has already been said, created and nothing can surprise us, here are our picks of the most original and creative Top 5 Valentine’s Day 2017 Campaigns that will leave you impressed on this day of romance.


1) Google

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Google is not only celebrating the special day with a new doodle but has created Valentine’s themed interactive games with the help of World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness for the pangolin, the most trafficked mammal today. Each game is set in one of the animal’s natural habitats of Ghana, India, China or the Philippines. Each level you have to collect certain elements to create a perfect gift for its mate. In this way Google is thinking long-term; helping us to spread the message across the world, learn about these vulnerable creatures and to protect the beautiful pangolin from extinction.


2) Mr Kipling

Cake and flowers tend to be the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts, but can it become better than this when Mr Kipling, Britain’s favourite cake maker, has created a cake bouquet from beautifully selected pink roses in an arrangement with delicious miniature Cherry Bakewell’s, Battenberg’s and French Fancies. The “Bou-cake” reportedly costs £400 and comes with a complimentary box of special-edition cakes.

3) Deliveroo

“With Deliveroo you can give the third wheel in your life some love,” says Deliveroo, who have launched a special “third wheel service” bundle for three with a funny Valentine’s Day advert. It centres on singleton Kevin who, as the advert puts it, is “soul-crushing alone”. According to research carried out by the company, Valentine’s Day traditions are changing and British couples would be happy to spend their Valentine’s Day with a “third wheel” or enjoy dinner together with another couple. The Deliveroo bundle for three is available to order from February 9 to 19.


4) Burger King

Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with your special someone. Burger King have come up with an ingeniously simple creation sure to appeal to the instagrammers out there with a special  edition cup that has room for two straws so you can now share your drink with your significant other as well as your hopes and dreams.


5) Dominos

Are you looking to propose this year? Do you and your partner love pizza? Then this might just be the perfect ring for you as Domino’s Pizza has created a very special 22-carat gold pizza slice engagement ring. The ring is able to be won via a competition on the company’s Facebook page.  Could this fabulous idea be any cheesier!

– @elizas_music

Global brands respond to President Trump’s travel ban: A roundup

Posted on January 31st, 2017 in brand PR,branded content,Celebrity PR,Digital PR,Environmental PR,Roundup,Stunt Of The Day.


On Friday President Donald Trump signed an executive order temporarily barring immigrants and visitors from seven Middle Eastern countries from entering the US for 90 days. After a global backlash and urges for Trump to retract the ban, he refused to back down, arguing that the ban will stop “bad dudes” from entering the US.

Global brands have addressed the issue taking different approaches; mostly condemning the president’s order and addressing their employees. Brands are offering support to their employees as well as refugees in general as they refer to the ban as being both immoral and un-American.


The accommodation giants stood against Trump in a tweet; ‘Not allowing countries or refugees into America is not right and we must stand with those who are affected’. Which they are quite literally doing by offering free accommodation to people left stranded by the sudden ban.


Logan Green, chief executive at Lyft has pledged to donate $1m to the American Civil Liberties Union and said “Banning people of a particular religion from entering the US is antithetical to both Lyft’s and our nation’s core values”.



Global coffee chain Starbucks has promised to hire 10,000 refugees worldwide over the next five years to make clear that the company will not stand by, nor stand silent as the uncertainty around the new administration’s actions grows.


Uber co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick wrote a letter to all staff, reaching out to employees directly impacted by the ban and offering to compensate them pro bono during the ban.


Google has set up a $4m humanitarian fund to assist organisations offering support to immigrants and has recalled 100 staff to the US who would be affected by the travel ban. Google chief executive Sundar Pchai told staff: “It’s painful to see the personal cost of this executive order on our colleagues. We’ve always made our view on immigration issues known publicly and will continue to do so.”


It is now a case of waiting to see how other large corporations in the USA and those in the wider world will react to the new temporary legislation. But it is comforting to see some faith in humanity coming from such large companies to get the ball rolling.

– @LilahKS

Greenpeace protesters scale 270ft crane to send Donald Trump a message

Posted on January 25th, 2017 in creative publicity,Environmental PR,PR Stunt,Stunt Of The Day.

Greenpeace protesters this morning sent a message which Donald Trump couldn’t miss – literally, as they scaled a nearby construction crane to unfurl a ‘RESIST’ banner 270ft in the air and positioned it to face the White House.


When officers reached the construction site in Washington, they found that three protesters had attached themselves to the crane and a further four people then joined them and refused workers access to the area. If the message wasn’t blatant enough, it then created more chaos as roads were closed to traffic around the site.

Josh Evans, a carpenter who usually works on the site, said “Look how organised they are. They have the same equipment that I use every day. They’re professionals. Amateurs couldn’t stay up there that long.”


Travis Nichols, Greenpeace spokesperson, has said that the protesters are calling for resistance to Trump and his agenda – unsurprising, given that Trump’s stance towards environmental issues such as climate change and the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines has repeatedly stirred controversy, which was reignited when he yesterday signed two executive actions which will advance the construction of these pipelines. On top of this, Trump has implemented a media blackout of the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where the department is prohibited from posting updates on social media or offering new information to reporters. The EPA has also had its power to award contracts and grants frozen.

But whilst the Metropolitan police condemn the act as “extremely dangerous and unlawful”, it’s received the seal of approval from the public, with one local business owner commenting that “This is a bold expression, a bold statement, but peaceful. This is what makes America great. I’m speechless. They are risking their lives to do this.”

– @katiemallion

PETA Create Open-Air ‘Slaughterhouse’ in Central London to mark World Vegan Day

Posted on November 3rd, 2016 in creative publicity,Environmental PR,PR Stunt,PR Stunts,Publicity Stunts,Stunt Of The Day.

Shoppers and passers-by in Marble Arch looked on in shock and horror earlier this week at the sight of a “slaughtered” nearly-naked man hanging upside down. Gasps were heard at Trafalgar Square as people were met with a pile of bodies covered in blood. These somewhat disturbing visuals were part of an effort by PETA to mark World Vegan Day, and remind us that we can put an end to animal slaughter by becoming vegan.


The “open air slaughterhouse” was designed by PETA as part of an attempt to expose animal cruelty methods in slaughter-houses, with the hope to change and influence the eating habits of the nation and encourage people to maintain a healthier, more humane diet. The animal rights group were handing out vegan starter kits, and displaying signs that read “Choose Life: Choose Vegan”.

“Meat is a product of a bloody and violent industry with no respect for living beings who value their lives and experience the same pain and terror that humans would if they were killed for a steak”, says PETA Director Elisa Allen. “This World Vegan Day, PETA is calling on caring people everywhere to stand up for what’s right and switch to delicious and cruelty-free vegan meals.”

You can support the cause by engaging in a trial and going vegan for 30 days this November. The display commemorates the beginning of World Vegan Month this year.


– @izzirichards

Superbowl Roundup: Adverts and PR Moments

Posted on February 7th, 2016 in Car PR,Celebrity PR,Charity PR,Comedy PR,Consumer Electronics PR,Consumer PR,Digital PR,Environmental PR,Event PR,Experiential Marketing,Stunt Of The Day.

The Superbowl is one of the biggest sporting events on the calendar; millions worldwide sit, surrounded by snacks and treats, wearing their jerseys of choice, eagerly awaiting the first whistle to begin raucous cheering.

For those not in the USA, however, The Superbowl is an extremely unusual thing. It has its own rituals, own routines and the game of American Football itself is, unless you’re familiar with the ins and outs, an extremely peculiar game to watch. Once you think you understand it, half time begins.

In most sports this is your chance to get up, use the toilet, make a coffee or kill a bit of time by playing Candy Crush or something else on your phone. In the Superbowl though? Half Time is a show unto itself.

Not only do you have the legendary half time shows you see plastered across the news, but also some of the most lavish, inventive and hilarious adverts you will ever see. The adverts get aired online a few days in advance and this is a selection of the very best; from the clever, to the cute, to the sweet and to the powerful – we’ve also included a section of our favourite PR moments from the run up to the big event.


There’s a lot of directions to take your advert for the Superbowl; but given the money involved from every brand you have to make it memorable. This advert from Heinz certainly is:

It’s succinct, it’s clever and it’s very very cute. It shows off Heinz’s various ketchups, perfect for every type of (hot) dog. Despite the advert not even having aired yet it already has 4 million views on YouTube and has even those who have never seen an American football are talking about it.


Videogames are the biggest entertainment form in the world and have become a staple of the half time advert roll. This year, to coincide with Superbowl’s 50th, is the 20th anniversary of a series which has shaped millions of childhoods all over the world: Pokemon.

The advert is lavish and celebratory, full of knowing nods to things in the series that fans of the series, young and old, will grin in delight at. 16 million people have already viewed the advert online, with millions more discussing it on social media; this is one of the biggest adverts in our roundup.


Snickers have a long history with Superbowl ads; always looking for something a little left field. It’s Superbowl’s 50th this year, so who better to wish them a happy birthday than the woman who sang the most iconic ‘Happy Birthday’ song of all time?

In typical Snickers humour, and the continuation of the slogan, Marilyn Monroe isn’t quite feeling herself without the famous taste, looking a little more like Willem Dafoe.

It has great use of an iconic figure, clever creative and 6 million views on YouTube before even hitting the television screens of millions of people. An amazing success by any metric.


Promoting your brand during half time is a great way to have eyes on your product (which is why the 30 second spots are so expensive.) Some companies, though, put their brand name to other kinds of uses.

Colgate are raising awareness of the water needs of many people around the world. With millions needing fresh, clean water to survive they’re using their spot to encourage people around the world to turn the tap off while brushing. Adverts like this might never have the reach of a cute, catchy advert online – but the buzz they create (and the good they do) is amazing to see.


Much like the Colgate advert, this year’s Budweiser spot is more message than product. Budweiser, long associated with the Superbowl, have chosen to talk about the dangers, and idiocy, of drink driving.

Helen Mirren sits, unassumingly, in a restaurant before delivering a string of cutting, clever and hilarious insults for people who drink and drive. It’s fantastic awareness from a brand with a history of incredible adverts and has generated an enormous amount of buzz and coverage in international media, while getting over 3 million views on YouTube as well.


We don’t pick favourites on this blog – instead we recognise all the incredible work companies are doing around the world to promote their products and brands. This advert, from Apartments.com, though, may end up as a ‘Superbowl favourite’ on other roundups though.

It’s difficult to break down what makes this quite so good. Hilarious celebrity cameos? Check. A choir on a rooftop? Sure. A piano being lifted by a crane, while being played by Jeff Goldblum? Exactly. Millions of views, loads of chatter on social for what is sure to be a standout ad come the Superbowl itself.


PR Moments

It’s not just the advertising agencies who like to flex their creative muscle during Superbowl season; PR teams across the nation, in-house and agency, find incredible ways to promote their brand as well.


AirBnB have, in their short career span to date, had some incredible PR moments. Displaying an igloo on their service in the midst of the New York snow storm being one of the standout examples. Here, again, they’ve gone simple and clever.


For the guys playing in the Superbowl their houses and apartments are sat, unoccupied for a night. What better way to watch a game than by staying in the apartment of a star American football player? Thanks to AirBnB you can do just that. Despite the incredible amount of noise surrounding the Superbowl AirBnb have still managed to get this stunt into the public domain; a testament to the quality of the creative. (As an added bonus the fee, some $5,000, will all go to charity as well.)

Pizza Hut

Another brand with a history of stunts and with the Superbowl. Pizza Hut have added an extra special item to the menu for this year’s event; words don’t do it justice.


Yes. That is a pizza covered in (edible) gold. Pizza, so often seen as a poor man’s takeaway, has been rebranded in this clever stunt. The best bit? You can order this pizza, a garlic knotted one covered in gold, for $100 (about £70.) The above picture has travelled all over the world, generating a load of buzz for Pizza Hut. A simple, effective campaign.


Uber are not only making a name for themselves with one of the most incredible business ideas in decades, but their PR stunts are equally as excellent. Sending out random DeLoreans on Back to the Future Day, having ‘Bop It’ in the back of cars etc have all drawn huge grins from the staff at Taylor Herring and across the world. This one will draw a few “awwwwws”:


Uber. Are. Delivering. Puppies. The stunt, like many of the things we’ve covered here, comes from a great place as well. Uber, in partnership with the FSPCA and Animal Planet are letting customers, if they donate $30 to charity, have a 15 minute puppy fuss session before their rides. The stunt, called ‘Puppy Bowl’, already has everyone talking on social media. If you think you can manage a cute puppy video there’s one courtesy of CNBC here:

The Superbowl brings out some of the most incredible creatives from some of the world’s most wonderful brands. This is just a selection, we could write for hours about all the amazing pieces that have emerged this year but we can only cover so many. Jump online and find your favourites, tweet us the ones you loved or even post in the comments.


The show has been and gone. Adverts galore, PR moments throughout the enormous spectacle. The half time show, headlined by Coldplay, quickly became ‘The Beyonce Show’ as Chris Martin paid the price for inviting the world’s biggest star onto the stage.