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November 9, 2019

Zero Latency unleashes VR zombie horde on London.

We’ve been working with Zero Latency, the world’s leading provider of warehouse scale, free-roaming VR entertainment, since 2018 when we helped to launch their first UK venue in Nottingham.

This October we brought the action packed experience to the capital.

Joining journalists from outlets including The Daily Mirror, Metro and the Harrow times as well as influencers  we jumped, screamed and ran for an adrenaline pumping press night testing out their various VR offerings.

The ground-breaking immersive VR experience is leading the future of social entertainment and group gaming; shaping the face of the amusement attractions industry.

Up to 8 players can pit themselves against legions of zombies, or venture deep into space to battle killer robots, or go head-to-head with their friends in a Player vs Player virtual dystopian battleground.

Equipped with headsets, headphones, military style backpacks and a gun (for shooter games) the deeply immersive 15-45 minute social VR experiences brings playing with friends and family to a new dimension.

If you’re ever in Wembley … and think you’re brave enough, check them out at Meet Space VR, BoxPark Wembley – we couldn’t recommend it more!


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