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Whistl present Ballet BMX.

London, Tuesday 9th December 2014: The delivery company Whistl (formerly known as TNT Post) has put a pioneering spin on the famous Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker Suite – by pairing a ballerina with a brace of BMX-ers.

In a video released today, the viewer is taken on a surprising new audiovisual journey through one of ballet’s most celebrated dances – set to a remixed version of the classic tune against a wintery theatrical backdrop.

Archetypal ballet movements including “chaines,” “jetes” and “pirouettes” perfectly mirror BMX stunts such as “cliffhangers,” “360s” and “time machines” as the festive film showcases a series of stunningly co-ordinated visual parallels between the dancer and riders.

The performance came about as Whistl wanted to share some seasonal cheer with their customers and the British public that also celebrated their dedication to innovation and delivering something unexpected.


The video sees ballet dancer Amber Doyle, and BMX riders, Keelan Philips and Louis Morris, preparing for their performance, before the spectacular action unfolds in leaps and bounds.  Inspired by the classical Nutcracker choreography, the jaw-dropping ability of the BMX riders is matched by the grace and beauty of the ballerina as moves are reflected between the three.  Performing to the classical Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy movement, the BMX bikes act as partners for the ballerina as well as jumping and spinning daringly close to her.

Nick Wells, CEO of Whistl, said: ‘We’re known as innovators in the UK postal sector and wanted to do something that truly reflected our commitment to doing things differently. We hope that the public, our customers and our posties, love the original spin we’ve put on The Nutcracker this winter!”

Ballerina Amber Doyle trained at the Royal Ballet School and has performed at the Royal Opera House, Brit Awards and Royal Variety Performance, as well as appearing in Anna Karenina. BMX rider Keelan Philips is four time UK and two time European BMX champion, and Louis Morris is fast becoming one of the UK’s most in-demand riders thanks to his fearless attitude.

Keelan said: ‘This is one of the most interesting challenges I’ve had in a while! It was great fun working with Amber to choreograph all the moves we could do putting together our BMX street-style and her classical dancing. We hope everyone enjoys the video.”

Amber added: “Bikes and ballerinas aren’t usually considered natural partners, but you can’t deny the final performance looks stunning! 


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