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‘Turn Off Your High Beam!’ Creepy reflective decals that will deter high beam drivers.

Chinese drivers have found an ingenious new way to deter drivers that use high beam headlights behind them.

decal1 Creepy new reflective decals are being hung in rear view mirrors of cars, which illuminate when high beam lights are shone on them. From female vampires to Eastern and Hollywood movie monsters are scaring drivers all over China.


Acquiring the cool decals costs next to nothing, going for $3-$13.

But, authorities have banned the use of the decals in some states due to the fear of causing traffic accidents. Police in Shandong say they’ll issue a 100 yuan fine to drivers using the gruesome decals.

However, it is not illegal to use the decals, but drivers will have to bear responsibility for any accidents that may occur as a result of another driver being frightened by them.

If you fear getting a slap on the wrist from police, there are other decals that will get your message across perfectly.




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