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November 5, 2013

The Tuesday Thing [No.14].

Our weekly round up of stuff that’s landed in our inboxes…

► ‘At last a bathroom that rises above the rest’ Ikea unveil 3D billboards of bathrooms at Paris’s Saint Lazare Train station complete with actors going about their daily routines.

► The city council in Anprior (Scotland), is experimenting with an unusual method of reducing the speed of motorists taking the highway through their village. The road is straight, but they’ve painted it to look like it is bumpy and curved. The idea is that drivers will take more caution than if they saw a straightaway stretching out before them. (via The Daily RecordBoing Boing)


► In-Store Advertising Will Soon Look You Straight in the Eye @qz

► In an annual event called The Broadway Bomb, thousands of skateboarders shoot down eight miles of Manhattan streets. The authorities are not amused.

► Tesco Mobile gives it’s twitter profile a bit of personality and less corporate talk with amazing effects!


Brilliant ad from Harley St. Hair clinic spotted on the London Underground [via @willpscott]


‘8% of Americans Get Their News on Twitter’

Gav and Dan (The Slow-Mo Guys) promote the release of Battlefield 4 by setting off the biggest explosion they have ever done. Filmed using a Phantom Flex at 2500fps

► Hope this helps….


► First trailer for The LEGO Movie, the ‘first-ever, full-length theatrical Lego adventure’..

► Pepsi, the drinks giant have issued an ad showing their can dressed as Coca-Cola for Halloween. The ad was created by Belgium agencyBuzz in a Box and cleverly utilises the fierce rivalry between the two to its advantage. [via PR Examples]


►  A giant rendition of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa was installed (by us) on Clapham Common in London this weekend as the search for the UK’s next Portrait Artist of the Year begins. The 5x7m canvas, 85 times bigger than the original which hangs in the Louvre in Paris, is perched on a massive easel which itself stands at a staggering 14m tall. The artwork was created from 83 individual self-portraits submitted by the shortlisted entrants to the competition. The Portrait of the Year competition will begin on Sky Arts this week with contestants put through their painting paces in a series of challenges in the hope of being crowned overall champion. (via Daily Mirror)



► Humans look so beautiful when they smile… ‘Prank’ played on New York subway conductors by an observant train user who noticed that all subway conductors point at a black and white sign at every stop to show that they are concentrating. It’s an odd ritual but one person decided to have some fun with it. This will brighten up your day!

► Historical Pic > Unpacking the head of the Statue of Liberty, 1885 (via @HistoricalPics)


► International Women’s Media Foundation promoted ‘Equal Pay Day’ by creating an ATM which gave less money for men [via Design Taxi]

►  Are they taking the piste? Wearing goggles in tanning booth for ‘fake ski tan’ effect is bizarre new beauty trend [via Femail]


 Smart charity box


► New-look Independent, with vertical masthead, via @amolrajan


► The UK split into areas with the population of London (@Amazing_Maps)


 Hot Air Balloon in Australia [via Reddit]


► Window cleaners at a children’s hospital In Pittsburg (via @Earth_Pics)

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