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October 29, 2013

The Tuesday Thing [No.13].

Our weekly round up of stuff that’s landed in our inboxes…

► Pop up Capsule hotel in Toronto lets workers take midday naps [via Design Taxi]

► “I want candy!” – Brilliant Halloween advert for Crest and Oral B. Imagine a Halloween without sweets!

► Thor’s hammer landed at the premiere of the new movie in Leicester Square [via Marvel UK]

► Fancy a cuppa? Yorkshire Tea created a video for The Tea Song.

► Love this. The new Ashbourne Police Tractor (via @GeorginaWald)


► Hugh Hefner, 87, and his wife Crystal, 27 have some Halloween fun.

— Grace Dent (@gracedent) October 28, 2013

► Britney Spear’s songs are being used to scare away Somalian Pirates! [via Time]

► Find out what each country in the world ‘leads in’  [via Doghouse]

► Now we’ve seen it all. An iPhone case for smokers

► Business in the Community start their ‘Ban The Box’ campaign which gives people a second chance by asking employers to remove the tick box which asks about criminal convictions

► Instagram gave a glimpse into what advertising may look like on it’s site. Similar vein to Facebook sponsored stories in the newsfeed but user gets control on what sponsored story appears in their Instagram feed.

► Optical illusionary….Honda Illusions advert – An impossible made possible

► Smart augmented reality technology allows drivers to ‘see through’ vehicles in front. This allows drivers to overtake much more safely. Very cool but only useful on straight roads surely? [via Smithsonian]

► Anchorman 2 trailer dropped. The digital team at TH huddled together like penguins in awe

 McDonalds ended a 40 year relationship with Heinz after former Burger King CEO Bernado Hees was named as the leader of the business! [via Marketing Week]

► Russell Brand’s transformation into a political martyr became more and more evident as he went to war with Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight. Brand has been described as everything from ‘trivial’ by Paxman himself to a ‘tit’ by Tory MP Michael Fabricant to ‘a brilliant actor’ by The Independent in the ensuing fallout. Watch the interview here…

► Slow Mo Dogs [via Don’t Panic]

► Brewers create 67.5% proof beer called ‘Snake Venom’. It comes with a warning tag on the neck of the bottle! [via Metro]

Fancy a sip of Snake Venom? World's strongest beer is 67.5%

► Disney plan to build it’s ‘largest store’ in Shanghai, China. The 530,000 sq ft retail destination will include an outdoor plaza and Disney themed landscaping [via ABC news]

PHOTO: Artist impression: aerial view of the proposed Disney Store, Shanghai.

► Perfect for all the long distance lovers out there. A watch which has two clocks so you can sync your time with a long distance partner. Interesting conception [via Design Taxi]

► Google Sea View launches with an exploration of the world famous Mary Celeste [via Daily Mail]

Mary Celestia

► TED celebrates Halloween with the first TED talk for the un-dead, on how to survive the human apocalypse.

► Australian water supplying company Yarra Valley Water set up an absurd pop up shop which sells ‘organic’ products such as sunshine, moonlight and air. It was a stunt pulled to show people how ridiculous buying bottled water is! [via Design Taxi]

► Truly amazing GIFs [via This Is Colossal]

155 Years Before the First Animated Gif, Joseph Plateau Set Images in Motion with the Phenakistoscope history gifs animation

► St Jude struck Monday morning causing rush hour chaos and a few broken trees. A 10m wide beach ball in Old Street which was tethered to a building as a promotion was blown off and found itself rolling around near Old Street station.

UK storm: Giant beach ball bounces around London


And finally… brilliant vs terrible Halloween outfits!

Heisen-baby (A* Parenting award)


50 Shades of Grey. Literally




Little Red Riding Hood or Iron Man?





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