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Tom Daley is Transformed Into the Ocean’s Top Predator.

Olympic diver Tom Daley has transformed his body into that of the ocean’s top predator.

To help change the misconception surrounding these incredible sea creatures, Tom underwent 4 hours of make up applied by British body painting artist Emma Fay.

Tom-Daley-painted-for-UK-shark-week (1)

The star athlete teamed up with SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment to promote UK Shark Week: 2nd – 8th August 2015.

Tom-Daley-painted-for-UK-shark-week (2)

He said: “I’ve always been really fascinated by sharks. They’re incredible marine animals, but not always in the news for the right reasons.”


“Sharks play a vital role to the health of the ocean,” he continued.

Mike Prince, assistant curator of fishes at SeaWorld added: “The more you know about any species, the more you will want to protect it.”

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