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March 10, 2015

To Pee or not to Pee.

Splash back paint makes visitors to Hamburg partake in some fancy footwork

Apparently ‘wild urinating’ is a big problem in St Pauli, the notorious red-light district and centre for bars and nightlife in Hamburg, Germany.

In an ongoing battle with drunk party goers who have for years been urinating on the neighbourhood’s buildings, streets and playgrounds, residents are now fighting back.

Coating a series of walls across the district with a super hydrophobic coating, as used in shipbuilding, anybody wishing to relieve themselves will now have a nasty surprise when they find themselves victim to their own splash-back.


The district welcomes some 20 million visitors each year, but residents have grown tired of troublesome partygoers and local group IG St Pauli have come up with this unorthodox measure.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Julia Staron commented “This paint job sends a direct message back to perpetrators that their wild urinating on this wall is not welcome.”

Staron goes on to reveal that the “paint protects the buildings and the residents” and recommends that partygoers stay vigilant and refrain from relieving themselves in public, as not all walls are marked with a warning.

However, as much as getting wet trainers is a valid deterrent, one can only wonder whether to a seasoned pro, it’s just a question of standing at an angle. Physics people.

Image and Video (c) IG St Pauli


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